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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 17, 2009


If you are an Adsense user, you always want to improve your earnings. There are many optimization techniques which one should follow in order to improve Google earnings. Here are few important concepts for you on how to increase your earnings with Adsense by making small changes into your ads. If you are a newbie, you will definitely get benefited with these videos, otherwise, you may share with newbies who are in the stage of learning.


1. Ad Position – Placement for Performance

The ads should be placed where the users can view them. If you are going to place your ads in the footer where no one view them, its of no use. This video demonstrates how this could be possible with a real life example.


2. Color Blending – Proper shades = more earnings

If you are going to place a shobby colored ad unit in your clean site, people will be destracted more and there are more chances of them to leave your website than you are served. You must make sure that the ads you place should match with the layout of your page.


3. Ad size – Bigger ads perform better

This plays a major role to increase your Google earnings as if you use some small ad unit which has a less detail, there are more chances that people neglect the ad area. If you use a bigger unit, it fetches more attention and hence a boost in your income.


4. Adsense for Search

If you have a search feature in your website, you can monetize it with Google custom search engine which is monetized using Adsense. You will make money when someone search your website with adsense search engine. More about it in this video.


5. Learn with Problogger

Here is what Darren, the Problogger wants to share with you in relation with adsense.



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15 Readers responded to this post

Nice article. Very useful for new bloggers..I’ll blog about this…

@Gopinath M

Thank you buddy. I checked your blog, its really nice….

I always love your piller articles. Thanks for such a great compilation.
Stumbled it.!!!

Hi I enjoyed your commentary, I recently wrote a similiar topic on my blog. Here is part of what I said…. The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care. Try to position your ads where surfers are most likely to click on them. According to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a certain site is the top left.

To read more check out my blog at… Thanks, Eric

Realy helping post, nice videos.

@Harsh Agrawal

Thanks for the stumble :)

@Anish K.S

Thanks a lot buddy. Glad that it helped you :)

Nice bunch of videos Pavan. I have been trying hard with my AdSense and tried many of the above tips but haven’t really found major success. Of course, I make some money but not as much as I would like to have 😆

Will store this link for future

@Ajith Edassery

I agree with you totally. Adsense is a mystery for almost all publishers. But afaik, people in your niche find good earnings, anyway, a huge experimentation will result in final success. My earnings were improved with this theme than my previous one.

nice article ,useful resource for all bloggers having adseense acount.

Great video Collection,

it helps me a lot


Really a nice set of useful videos to boost our Adsense earnings 😀
Thanks for sharing @ one place.

Hi Pavan,

I had an adsense account but due to invalid clicks it was blocked. At that time I was not aware with the terms and conditions that invalid clicks from different IP’s can too block my adsense account, Can you please tell me any way to get it back. I tried to register another adsense account with another email id but they are not approving it.

I also sent many emails to them that I’ll not do that again, but no response.

Please tell me any way to solve this issue, thanks.

@ Prashant

You have done it wrong by clicking on your own ads. If you think intelligently, adsense is much more intelligent than you.

I cannot help you in any way, but can help you lead to this article:

Please get connected with all the authors and probably they can help you.
Good luck is what I can say – getting reply from adsense team on such matters is really tough.

great article with lots of great info keep up that great work..

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