The Conceptual Google Adsense Trial Accounts

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 16, 2009


Ever heard of Google Adsense trial accounts? No chance! They don’t exist till date. But this is what I suggested Google Adsense team when they asked me to fill a survey for them. Indian Adsense publishers were invited for the survey and the prize is Apple iPod Touch. Details here. Entry only through invitation.

As I guess most of you have submitted your valuable opinions and suggestions, I would like to share what I suggested them and would like the feedback from you readers as this can influence Google’s Adsense team in some way and favoring thousands of Adsense aspiring webmasters and bloggers.

Adsense is an unmatched industry leader in online advertising and every budding webmaster / blogger / internet marketer wants to be an Adsense publisher, but getting an Adsense account these days is a very difficult task. I see many of my online friends and readers who run a successful blog are still waiting for an AS account.

Disadvantages of no Adsense account for budding webmasters:

  • Publisher may lose interest in content generation – growth of an aspiring person is affected.
  • He/She may join some unethical ad networks and finally comes into conclusion that all ad networks (including Adsense) are fraud. This is the current state of survey sites – though there are good survey earning opportunities, users always try to keep away from them.
  • As account applications get rejected for NO REASON, the real address of the publisher gets blocked. They can’t change their home just to get a new address for Adsense account. Same with phone number, website etc.
  • As blogging is a growing career option, it gets tough to choose blogging as profession if they don’t have an Adsense account. Most of the content / news websites depend mainly on Adsense for revenues.
  • Anyone can lose patience for resubmitting the same application form again and again for more than 15 times. Result of this can give raise to ad networks which don’t have a sole existence, but serve Adsense ads to fill their ad inventory. The publisher who has to get the entire revenue will start getting a small percentage of what he exactly earns. I am sure Google cannot be happy with this 😐

The above are the reasons I could think while writing the post. The solution is ADSENSE TRIAL ACCOUNT. Though they have not assigned me a job of designing such a system, I wish such trial accounts come true in short future.

Google Adsense Trial Accounts

Google Adsense trial accounts

  • These accounts are short lived Adsense accounts of a test span of say 7-15 days.
  • Users can directly sign up for an account and get complete access instantly.
  • Ads are served as normal, but not paid. Hope everyone is happy to run Adsense ads for free if they can get an approved Adsense account.
  • Complete statistics like impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and earnings (eCPM and earnings are those they could get if it were an approved account, right now, they are just displayed, but not paid).
  • After the trial period is over, users get notification through mail / Adsense reports page if their account is approved or not.
  • No need to change tags after approval, but if rejected, you are welcome to remove the tags.

What Google do behind the scene?

Algorithm + bots decide if an account needs to be approved. Bots can identify whether the content is suitable or inappropriate according to Adsense policies. Google in the mean time gets complete details about site traffic, demography, user behavior and other required stats which influence account approval process. Only in few particular cases, a staff review can be expected.

Your suggestions / views / ideas:

Though I don’t bother about number of comments I get on any post, I request every reader to post a comment below sharing your views on such Adsense Trial accounts. If the response is impressive, there may be chances that Google can implement this in later stages.

Note to readers: It takes some more time for me to return to normal tone of blogging as there is a major shift in my personal and professional life at this time. Meanwhile check out my new website Deadly Tips where you can share your tips which rolls out of your blog niche and get a link back πŸ™‚


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36 Readers responded to this post

Hey, that is really a wonderful idea…. people like me who are suffering from blocked accounts are in need of something like this… Great!!
Hope Google will implement it ASAP

Fantastic idea dude. Creating different mail accounts to get approved for the same is really hectic. I tried and failed many times. Let’s see how Google reacts.

Anyways, Happy Diwali πŸ™‚


Wow Pavan a great idea man.. This will really help both Google and the Publishers…. Hope they will atleast think about “Google Adsense Trial Accounts”.

A really good idea. It will help really good bloggers get the benefit of doubt and will help google kill its competition at one go.

If google representatives are listening then please be careful of who you are rejecting today. A really good blogger being rejected may mean loads of revenue lost in future.

Stumbled…usefull post…

After looking at my blog, many of my friends started their own blogs. But when they planned for Adsense many of them were rejected with some unexplained reasons. Most of them are really good guys with awesome knowledge with great writing skills. Google rejected them for adsense and those guys are very famous on orkut for their helping nature and techie knowledge.
The idea of Trial account is very nice and i am with you Pavan.
Me too got the survey invitation and given many suggestions to them regarding “support” system. They must improve customer relationships.

@ All,

Am happy that you liked the idea. If Google is listening, they must think of this simple but useful addition…. If Google accepts this idea, I hope to get some perks πŸ˜›

fantastic concept. I would suggest you to put this into notice of high profilers like Amit, Darren,, Daniel etc. That would give this uber cool concept a much deserved push

@ Raju,

Thanks for the suggestion, let me try to populate this idea among the industry biggies… πŸ™‚

Hey Pavan
I must say this is out of box thinking and looking at suggestion I guess this is not hard to implement for Google adsense Team. Infact this will help them to get the more targeted publishers and this is a win-win situation for both the publishers and advertisers. Since advertisers ads will be running for 7 days and Google will be getting 100% revenue so even any cost involved in the set up of such system will be backup easily..

This is a great initiative and something that others haven’t thought of. We all know that there’re enough issues with AdSense that mostly publishers from our part of the world face. Good to learn that you actually communicated to Google and articulated your ideas.

Having said that, trial accounts are something that no online advertisers provide for their publishers, I guess. Without knowing what exactly it may have, I cannot comment more but the idea sounds exciting!

Good luck πŸ™‚

cool idea!

Hey, that’s cool idea man!! It would be a great help if google implements it….
Hello Google,
What do you think about the idea?? I want that…. Please do it ASAP!!! πŸ™‚ If you ignore this, you lose great things… Think!!

nice post…………… thanks

Good idea. But this will increase a lot of work for adsense team.

That’s a brilliant idea pavan. Let’s see what Google will do.

Meanwhile, congrats for your new site.

Nice idea buddy…Lets see wat google does πŸ™‚

excellent idea even i got vexed when i don’t have a Google Adsense for me….

Nice Idea, Pavan, did you remembering my comment about the banning, warning to publisher.

Good article Pavan. I came across this post through the feeds and found it really interesting. You have explained it quite well in details.

hey just yesterday I got Adsense approved. Now I am in doubt whether it was approved or trial version.

@ Pavan Somu

Adsense trial account is an concept in my mind and it has not been implemented by Google Adsense team. Go ahead and start earning with the real adsense account. Good luck and congrats πŸ™‚

Good article pavan

Any body want trick to get adsense accounts

mail me at:

Before I didn’t know this but now …..
Thank you for article..

The 6 months time limit for Indian bloggers is just not good. There should be something done about this fast. Many aspiring bloggers are not able to reap the benefits of adsense due to this.

Yups. this is a reat idea and google can even earn 100% revenue when the ads are displayed in the trial accounts…

I must say this is a very good tip. It will help everyone.

Great and useful post, thanks for sharing.

yes i agree with you , but many people sack without reson

but now days google not accepting the adsense with ease mannar

Hi there

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Google adsense has now sticted hi TOS that even very experienced person can’t get google adsense account by just making registeration to their sites
i was also trying the same thing to get adsense account but failed!!!
This is happening just due to the scamming of google adsense account and adsense websites by few people over the internet
When i tired of rejection of my google adsense account approval process
Then i got one person who gave me approval of genuine adsense account if u also want genuine google adsense account contact him

Its very hard to get adsense account from now. I have been tried 10 times but still I haven’t approved yet.

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