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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 5, 2009


WordPress users find it very easy to setup contact forms on the blogs mainly because of huge availability of free plugins supporting more advanced options. With wp, you can add a contact form by adding a simple tag without any coding or techie stuff, but it sometimes has its own disadvantages if you pick the wrong plugin as discussed here.

Most important fact to understand is that WordPress does not make the entire internet. There are websites and blogs which run without WP. In those cases where you are not able to use plugins, we have 123 Contact Form. 123 Contact Form is a free, simple, easy to use HTML contact form generator service and offers great features and functionality for users. In order to try the form, you need to sign up for a free account, configure you form to the most detailed extent, add your own styling if you want, get the html code from them and paste on your contact page.

Options for customizing your html contact form

This is of a great benefit for those who blog at blogger (blogspot) platform or those static sites on free hosts without PHP support. Even WP users can use this service in order to reduce the number of plugins which might improve performance on server. There are few impressive features available with this free service as below:

  • Place your logo above form.
  • Full customization of font size, style, color, background color, alignment, submit button and human verification.
  • Auto responder support with customization of name, subject and message.
  • Contact form can also include inputs like radio buttons, dropdown list, check box. Also with radio buttons and drop down lists, the mail can be sent to different mail ids based on selected option.
  • Validation of fields like email, date etc.
  • Wide set of themes to choose from – also you can have your own stylesheet for customization.
  • Premium users can get more features including file attachment, CC sender etc.

Important point of note is that all these features come at no cost – they don’t force sponsored ads on your contact form. Below is the decent contact form I created for trial purpose.

simple html contact form demo

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