How To Send Files of Any Size Privately on Internet

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 31, 2009


If you have a file to share with a friend, which is the way you prefer? Those who have rapidshare premium account would definitely prefer it., but majority of internet users don’t have that privilege and do not prefer rapidshare as even RS premium account trick won’t work too frequently. Sending through email has limits of file size. But here is a tool to help you share files with friends privately.

Pipebytes - send private files of any size in secure way

Pipe Bytes is a web application intended to help you share any size files on the internet without requiring any sign up or email id. I love their service due to the factor that they provide top priority to users’ privacy. Many of you fear if rapidshare is illegal in your country, but with this service there is no need to fear about it as the files you upload will not be saved on their servers for any time, if the file is downloaded once, it will be deleted permanently.

Coming to the disadvantages with this system, you cannot send file to a mass of users, if a file is uploaded, it can be downloaded only once.If you have two recipients, you need to upload the file twice. They also have a SSL secured protocol in case you want to send a high priority sensitive information in a secure way. The main disadvantage currently associated with them is that if a file download process is interrupted for any reason, you will not be able to pause / resume it or re download it, the sender need to reupload the same if you want to download. The only cache is that the speed of transfer which is limited to 512kbps for free users, those with speed pass can have it upto 3Mbps.

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