How to Remove WiniFighter Rogue Software / Anti Spyware

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 10, 2009


Long back a rogue software called Antivirus 2009 had hit a lot of PCs and servers. It added a note to Google homepage to threaten users asking them to buy a license for complete protection from malicious intrusions. These rogue softwares work that way by threatening users about some non existent threats on their computer and only their paid version can clean the entire computer hard disk.

Wini Fighter rogue software

Recently another rogue ware called WiniFighter is making its attempt to misguide users to buy their full version. This software on installation, adds its own files into system and later on it detects those dummy files installed by itself as threats and requires users to buy a full version by paying $49.95.

remove winifighter virus rogue software

Here are the removal instructions for WiniFighter:

1. Download and install free version of either Malwarebytes Anti Malware or Super Antispyware. You may use anyone if you have internet connectivity on the system where the rogue software is installed. Super Antispyware has offline definition updates so that it would work for offline computers too. Remember to update the program you just installed.

2. A restart may be required by the program. Its better to carry on a restart manually even if it does not ask for.

3. While booting the system, press F8 and choose Safe Mode to start Windows.

4. In Safe Mode, the startup programs are not loaded and it makes your job much easy. Now, open the anti malware program and perform a complete scan.

5. It detects a number of related files and registry entries for the rogue ware Winifighter.exe, remove all them.

6. It may require you a restart sometimes.

7. Open the quarantine list and if it is found on quarantine list, you may now remove them from that too to get your system completely free of WiniFighter.

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Malwarebytes Anti Malware is better for this type of issues, these are in different names.

Yes, Anish is right. Malwarebytes is good in getting rid of unwanted Trojans and Cookies in your browser. But lets not be fooled unless I tested this software myself and if it’s good then i’ll recommend this to others as well.

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