Customize Echotopic Ads to Earn More Revenues with Incontent Ads

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 21, 2009


Regular readers here know I am using Echotopic as one of my monetization source since some time. If you want to know my experience with them, its really an impressive and in my opinion, it is one of the best. I have tried Kontera, Infolinks and Echotopic and my experience says Kontera’s earnings are extremely low, InfoLinks is quite good in earnings and the advantage with them is that they accept even a small publisher which makes their doors open for anyone, recently revenues with them was also dropped. Echotopic does not accept everyone who apply, but if you are approved, then don’t leave them.

echotopic in text advertising customization

In InfoLinks, you might have seen the feature to keep single underline ads which would help you to increase earnings. In both Kontera and IL, you can customize the color of highlighting the ad terms. But Echotopic is not so good in user interface and you will not be able to change color nor make them single line ads as you did with other two. Here is how you can customize the ET ads to boost your revenues in the system.

1. Changing the color of Echotopic Ads

This is done by adding one single line of code into the ad code given. Code below shows the original ad tag of ET with additional line added for color (highlighted).

<!– Begin Tribal Fusion Text Links –>
<LINK href="" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
var tf_pubSiteId=xxxxxx;
var tf_pubSiteTxColor=’#RRGGBB’;
var tf_maxKeywords=7; </SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT src="" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>
<!– _End_ Tribal Fusion Text Links –>


If you are not aware about the color codes, its used by many image editors and you can get from them or check out your CSS which uses the color codes. Change the RRGGBB in above segment with the color code which suits your site design.

2. Making Single Underline Content Ads

Just yesterday I made this change and expecting some good results with this. This is actually which is done entirely outside of Echotopic Ad tags. You need to add a set of code into your template code in order to make the ads show as single line. Add the following code into your footer part which turns all echotopic ads displayed into single underlined links.

<style type="text/css">
.tfTextLink {
text-decoration: none !important;

If you are worried about making these changes, let me make it clear, the tutorial to change the color of links was provided by Echotopic Publisher Service, and they only provided me the code to make them single underlined. But the code they gave worked for few days and recently it automatically stopped working might be due to some changes in the main stylesheet in their servers. Anyways, I worked it out somehow and sharing the same with you.

Remember that the second part of making the single underline works only when the code is placed after the Echotopic DIV section (where you display the ads), if you use wordpress blog, I recommend you the footer before the </body> tag.

3. Limiting the Advertisments

Few bloggers simply add the in text ads all over the page which actually reduces the revenues because the ads are not concentrated in areas where people read the content. Echotopic ads can be limited with DIV tags. <div id=EchoTopic> to start and </div> to end the ads. Make use of it wisely so that you avoid ads appearing in sidebars and comments to make more money. InfoLinks too has some ON and OFF codes available in its help section, check out yourself.


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its not easy to get an account in echotopic :(

@ Anish

Now I feel I am lucky enough to get one :)

I got accounts in both echotopic and tribal fusion and I was confused how to integrate it. This post helped me a lot. Thanks :)

@ Raju

Congrats for accounts with big networks… Good luck ahead :)

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