Guy Billed $62,000 for Downloading Wall-E

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 24, 2009


Recently a guy Alberto was billed $62,000 for downloading the movie Wall-E while he was moving to Mexico. His wireless cell phone carrier billed him a charge of USD 62 thousand. Later on the charge was reduced by the company to $17,000. This is the most horrible, but mistified news that the internet world has seen recently. While coming to the exact prices as per the ebay vary less than $20 even for a blu ray disc collection. Assuming the download size to be around 5 GB at most, charges of $17k is really a huge huge figure for anyone to pay.

Do you believe this tempting news: A Guy was Billed $62,000 for Downloading Wall-E? If not check out the video that follows.

Here follows the CNN report.



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6 Readers responded to this post

It is this type of moron that is, in large part, responsible for this country’s economic ills. Roaming charges are laid out in black and white for all of us wireless subscribers. And if he needed to find out what the charges might be during his travels (which he SHOULD have done before he stepped out of his house), he could have called his wireless provider or logged on to his account with them. Don’t be outraged at the wireless provider! You should be slamming the moronic customer who cannot read his service agreement that HE signed. Same with home mortgages: The Terms are right there in black and white.

This type of issue is unbelievable – why in the world does a provider allow someone to rack up a $65,000 download?!? How many times do their customers rack up more than $10,000 in a single download – let alone $65,000.

I am for personal responsibility but corporations also should put some restrictions on this type of stuff – they know their customers and they know full well that these are mistakes.

These companies are a big part of the countries economic ills – they write up contracts that are fine print, many pages, and are written to confuse the plan rather than simplify it.

Then these companies are shocked when someone doesn’t understand all 30 fine print pages of the contract and make a simple mistake.

These companies, including Home Mortgage Companies, think that they can go after every penny and as long as they get someone to “sign the contract” well everything is golden.

We are the economic mess because companies provided contracts to people who could not pay back the terms of the contract – these companies have Ivy League Educated Lawyers and MBA’s – but when it hits the fan – blame the high school educated single mom who works two jobs to provide for her child because she believed the experts at a company who only cared about their bottom line.

Clint Bradford is a troll, and one that resorts to copy and paste trolling at that. Bottom line is that there is absolutely no way the roaming charges where anywhere close to 17,000 dollars and it is this type of corporate greed that is causing the economic crisis, not a slightly ignorant customer, who at least legally downloaded the film.

A troll? No … Just a person who went to three sites to voice my opinion. I am not trying to incite anyone. I am just pointing out a couple facts that none of the media seem to mention.

Clint Bradford is not a troll, he’s absolutely right. When I planned on traveling out of the country, I called my provider to ask about how much more every aspect of my service was going to cost while I was gone. I was told minutes would be $.99 each, texts would be $.35 each and data would be $15 per megabyte. While $15 per megabyte is OUTRAGEOUS, I made damn sure not to use any data. You honestly expect to travel outside of the country and have the same service cost? Just call and ask. It’s 15 minutes tops to save yourself a ton of money.
And you consider all that said, a decent movie download is about 1.3GB. At $15/MB, yep, that’s about 17 grand.

Not all users are savvy. This caller made it clear he’d never had to use data roaming before. I know many, many people whose sum total computer (and cell) knowledge are where the on/off button and Start button are. Clint’s expecting every person to be a tech whiz and cell billing whiz is unreasonable. Clint, you are one of those who defends big business 100% of the time and steps on the little guy 100% of the time. In this case you’ve gone too far; it’s REALLY OBVIOUS that the cell company should have put reasonable limits on a user before allowing $62K of a bill to tally up. Any reasonable vendor would say “Whoa–this is crazy. We should ping the user because something unusual is going on here.” If you don’t agree, then god help any customer who ever does business with your employer.

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