IPL Fever on Orkut with New Monetization

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 22, 2009


If you are an orkutter, from India (not sure about other countries) you probably have noticed that the Knight Riders skin has been made available for users. Today, when I logged in, I just noticed that the link to Knight Riders IPL theme is added into the above navigation bar just beside the login id of orkut.

IPL Knight riders icon added on orkut navigation 

There has already been a lot of buzz going on at orkut communities about the latest hot topics in India like Elections 2009 of India and orkut blog has detailed that. The another great buzz at India is the Indian Premiere League or IPL T20 cricket matches of 2009. Both at the same time has given rise to new and hot orkut communities, but this time, orkut itself has joined hands in building the buzz about IPL 2009 by placing a sponsored ad theme live from KKR. This new theme will be live till May 24th.

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Orkut new monetization policy

IPL advertisement on orkutIt has been an year that orkut has started displaying google ads, but apart from that, there had been no other monetization tricks observed there. But this is the first time, orkut has monetized in organization with Knight Riders of IPL and / or Nokia by adding a theme supporting their team along with the theme header leaving room for a link to the Kolkata Knight Riders webpage [http://www.kkr.in/nokia/index.aspx] with Nokia ad featured. It is not so clear that the theme is being sponsored by either Nokia or KKR, buy orkut is surely into new mode of monetization.

One lack I observed with this is, though it is a monetized ad leading to a trusted site, orkut still asks for user permission to visit the page which is common for any other link on orkut placed by users.

Here is the Orkut home with new IPL theme

New orkut theme of IPL


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Kolkata Knight Riders also have a fan club site named by http://www.crazy4kkr.com. Its really cool & full of authentic, most recent updated news.

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