How to make a completely hidden folder

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 20, 2008


Here, I am going to illustrate a method to completely hide a folder which you dont want to be displayed – not by using attributes, but a tricky method. It can be done without changing any attribute, without using any software, without adding/removing any files. Its a simple trick which can be done with normal windows and no extra installations and no hi fi tricks.

Locate to the folder which you dont want to be displayed.




Next, rename the folder with Alt+[0160], I mean, press Alt key and without releasing, press 0160. Then you can notice that the name of the folder is gone and a simple space appears as the name of the folder, which cannot be displayed.




Proceed by changing the icon of the folder. This can be done with this procedure. Right click on the folder Properties> Customize> Change Icon. Here you can find few invisible icons, just use them to create your invisible folder.




That’s it! your invisible folder is ready….




Here I have selected the folder, so you can identify that something exists there. If it is not selected, nothing can be found….Totally invisible folder is made.

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8 Readers responded to this post

do u know how to make a nameless folder??

Do you know any person without a name…. Likewise, you cannot create a folder without a name… But, one thing is that, you can use above procedure to rename a folder with name which cannot be seen. You cannot identify that, but your PC can. Its not nameless, but its having an invisible name…it looks like a space, but its not space…

I try on vista…cannot works… any solution?

I dont know about vista. Try googling for sure solution…Keep visiting;;

Pretty cool little trick.

hey nice trick dude!!! :)

I make such folder in my laptop. but now it doesnt deleted or rename or cuted. i have vista os. please help me for deleting this folder.


If you have problems with identifying such folder it can be done in one of these ways.

1. Open the location in which you have created such folder, press Ctrl+A, now all files and folder will be selected / highlighted, now you can identify that particular folder and you can easily delete / do whatever you want.

2. Open my documents / any folder, click on Folders (at top navigation bar), and navigate to the location where you had created that invisible folder, now you can identify that and you can perform your desired actions.

Note: I use XP and hope the same things with Vista too.

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