How To Use Computer Without Mouse

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 26, 2009


Everyone today is dependent on mouse. Today’s children are not at all aware that there were computers which used to run on MS DOS which did not support mouse and all operations were carried with commands. Though I am not aware of tips for Linux or Mac OS, here is how you can do it on Windows based desktops.

There is a setting in Windows XP to enable such a feature to use computer without mouse. It is MouseKeys. This feature enables you to use your computer without making use of your mouse. This will be of some help if your mouse is currently not working and you don’t have enough time to get a new one, but this could not be a complete solution for you to work without a mouse. By enabling this feature, you will be able to control the mouse cursor using the Numeric Key Pad, the numbers from 1 to 9 excluding 5 are used to control the direction of the mouse pointer and the key 5 is used for mouse click. If you have NumLock turned off, this feature is automatically turned off (setting).

Coming to the settings, you have setting to control almost everything you control for your mouse hardware.You can see from the setting window below. You are able to control the speed and acceleration. You can also vary that instantly by pressing Ctrl / Shift. By setting this, you wont lose your normal number keypad usage, you can still make use of it to enter data just be pressing NumLock.

 MouseKeys - Use pc without mouse

You can access it this way: Goto Control Panel > Accessibilty Options > Mouse > Use MouseKeys.

If you don’t have mouse to do all these, you can use the keyboard shortcut Left Shift + Left Alt + NumLock.

Now you know how to use a Windows PC without mouse, if you know any such tricks with Mac OS or Linux, please share in comments.


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6 Readers responded to this post

We can even browse the web in Firefox without mouse through Firefox add-on called Mouseless Browsing.

I have written post abt how to CTRL computer oly with web cam:)


That would be definitely helpful at times. Thanks for the intro :)

Wow. This is definitely worth trying! Might find it useful sometimes when I get stuck without mouse :)


how to perform the left click??


With usual settings, key 5 works for left click… and right click can be done by a dedicated key found on the normal keyboards.

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