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Written by Pavan Kumar on March 30, 2009


It is sometimes experienced by many people using laptops that when you simply keep it to download some stuffs for long, the laptop hangs and will reach not responding state. The same was my experience with my laptop and I used to blame Windows Vista for that, but the fact was that it was not a problem with Vista, but it is a control panel setting which we are able to control in the laptops.

I also experienced the same thing when I used to watch movies by keeping the download softwares and doing no other work on the notebook. You can avoid your laptop hang by changing a simple setting.

Reason why your laptop hangs?

As you know laptops are run either on battery or on power input. They are usually equipped with power settings to turn off hard disk after a certain period of time. When you use your computer just to download and no other activity, there are no activities being logged and it will be in idle state. This idle state results in turning off of your hard disk. When your hard disk is turned off, your download software stops responding and also the Windows.


The solution for this is little simple. You need to change the power options so that your hard disk does not turn off even if your system is idle for long time. If you keep your laptop to download stuffs overnight, its better you keep the setting that it turns off the hard disk never. Here are the steps:

Open Control Panel > Power Options

control panel power options

You will be given with all available power options, click on change plan settings on the existing active plan.

Now, click on change advanced power settings.

advanced power settings

Next, scroll down till Hard Disk: Turn off hard disk after : Set it to zero (0).


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8 Readers responded to this post

really helpful and simple to do thing. Thanks for sharing

..if my laptop hangs… is it going to broke?

Excellent tip, thanks for the same, can download :)

thanks ur blog helped me lot/ i had decided to sell my laptop at very cheap price because it was hanging frequently earlier. but now all well and working nicely
thank you very much

….. my laptop has hanged right now cant run any key or move the mouse…..anyway i can solve the problem except switch off the power supply (but it will run on back and will take time)
please help

My laptop is Wipro brand. I have been using it for last 2.5 years. Since a couple of months I am facing a problem of being hanged up.
Anytime the screen gets sparked and colors of the screen starts shriving as if it is being shaken up.
It becomes like many stars are twinkling, and color becomes many in numbers, all the data on screen becomes the bad mixture of colors and look too bad as well.
Mostly it occurs while watching Videos
Mostly it occurs while net is on
It can occur any time.
Even, it occurs at the time of installing windows
The laptop’s rare becomes too hot.
What I thought it is becoz of Virus, so I bought an anti virus, formatted the laptop in full, left no file on disk, installed AntiVirus. but it is still gets hanged.
Interestingly enough, it also gets hanged while formatting, or installing windows.
My Solution: Thought it might be becoz of heat, so put my laptop in Fridge for a while and then starts, it goes for several hours without hang.
Finally, when it hangs up, some time, it does not start easily, unless I wait or put in fridge,
When I start it, the indicator of the power appears, and then goes switched off. If it is on batry, it gets off, if it is on power, the laptop gets on, and off, it can not go a head to xp widows.
I took and take two solutions, first i formatted it totally, 2) whenever it does not start after being hanged up, I just put in fridge, and becomes normal.
Pl get it repaired, if necessary, or give me advise to repair it by self. Thanks

this solution every good to me .

laptop very very hangs

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