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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 26, 2008


CSS MenuIf you are a web designer working on different web development projects, you will mostly know the importance of CSS. CSS is used to style the webpages and it can save you the web page size by including all basic things in form of code and reducing the images used. It may be easy for you to write CSS code, but is it the same easy to make it all browser friendly? I know its not so… Even I have a little experience while making this theme and its pain to bend browsers like Internet Explorer.

Here I found one very useful tool for web designers to build CSS menus. The tool is My CSS Menu. You can easily create drop down horizontal css menu or vertical menu with this tool with few clicks. This is a graphical menu editor and is made to produce code which you can directly use in your website. This service is totally free as you don’t need to register for the service and also they provide you the entire CSS and HTML codes. The default one is horizontal menu which is most preferred for the websites, but there is an option to make a vertical one too.

CSS drop down menu builder tool

They have around 20 preset templates of which you can choose the one which suits best to your design. Though the templates are present, you have a complete set of tool box to edit whatever you want – full customization of template. If you want to make the complete benefit of the tool, you need to master it for some time and you will finally save a lot of time in writing codes, "help" section is there to help you.


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2 Readers responded to this post

Thnaks for the info Pavan.. The sites is really very good… But it has got lot of ads… :)


That’s a good observation, and don’t you think the ad inside the preview box on homepage violates TOS as menu items simply drop down on them and tend users to click… I think so…

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