Global Translator Plugin – Adsense friendly or not?

Written by Pavan Kumar on December 23, 2008


May be I am not completely sure about this controversial topic. I just want to keep my views in front of you readers.

Google AdsenseGlobal Translator Plugin is the new plugin to be adapted here and it is a very good one in terms of functionality. It uses different engines to convert your blog into different languages and saves everything into cache for re use of translated content. It has support for different number of languages depending on which engine you choose.

Coming to the subject of discussion, is it good to use this plugin?

My answer is Yes within some limits. It adds more number of pages into your sitemap. So, you got more pages without writing any content. All is fair, but what about adsense. While I choose languages, first thought came to my mind was to pick languages supported by adsense.

Please note the statement from adsense page linked above:

Please also be aware that placing the AdSense code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by the AdSense program policies.

Unfriendly with AdsenseWhat if I choose some language which is not supported by adsense, I cannot change my theme code so as to display ads only on supported languages, it is not possible very easily. May be there is a chance that you can block google mediabot for adsense using robots.txt. I agree my domain is under supported language, but if I use some language "kk" which is unsupported, my blog will become which itself becomes a primary site(visit any of the other language links in sidebar and you will understand) with only one link to and which is not supported by adsense. How far is it true that this is allowed in adsense?

What I feel is using global translator plugin with translation to some unsupported language being included can harm your adsense account if you start getting more number of hits for that language pages. Its better you use this plugin and be cautious while choosing the languages.

What’s your say?


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19 Readers responded to this post

A very very valid point you have made here Pavan.
I have had great amount of success in terms of traffic to the site with this plugin but I observed it used to take a lot of resources and hence I had to disable it. Isnt it the case with you?


Till now I have not got any mails from my host about that. I think, the resources will be utilized until all catching is done…. Also, may be the engines we use are different, I use Google for that..

@Pavan Kumar – I dont know the exact reasons. i used it for a couple of months (on and off) and I used Google as well. But everytime I used to get a mail from my host, this used to be one of the Top Processes in using the CPU. May be I should try again now… keeping in mind your suggestion about Adsense :)

I didn’t know about this plugin before. thanks for the heads up. But, I don’t think it is good to use this plugin to get more content with different languages to get the sitemap a bit fatty.


Even I am now testing this plugin for now. I hope that will fetch a good traffic as Raju shared above…

I tried using this plugin and thankfully I there was a warning about adsense TOS on unsupported language. But I have concern about SERP. Was your site affected and lost ranking?

@Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

Welcome here :-)
No such bad things. Everything is fine here…

thanks, this is a very good option for webmasters!

I have since uninstalled this plugin. My posts were going down in SERPs and it appears the internal linking structure of my blog was messed up. I am now sticking to a user-click based translator.


Uninstalling it is not the right thing you did. It actually is a very good plugin. What I asked you to do is to use it intelligently. Select those languages which are supported.

Welcome to my blog :-)

Pavan is absolutely correct. I have been using this plugin for aound 2 months now, SERPs has almost tripled since then

@Pavan Kumar – I might bring it back later. It is a good piece of innovation but I am worried Google will do something against it sooner or later. For the time being, I am just watching the trends.

@Pavan Kumar

Hello. I tried to activate it again and works without problems on the translation engine. But there was a problem with the SERP. Maybe I did the wrong thing. I didn’t include it in the sitemap at once because I was waiting for the translation of pages to complete before integrating it to the sitemap plugin.

Then when I saw 500+ translated pages in the cache, I updated the sitemap. After 2 days my traffic was cut to half. I think Google think that it was spamming because of the many pages produced in one day. Do you have any suggestions to correct it? thanks.

@Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

This is really weird situation. I think you should wait and see, if you think there is penalization (either your PR drops to 0 or traffic gets considerably low), use webmaster tools and request for reconsideration where you can clearly mention about the things that went on.

@Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

if this is something very important to you, i suggest you to contact a professional SEO rather than waiting for Google to respond to you. Else, you can do what Pavan has suggested.

@Pavan Kumar
Ok thanks. For the moment I removed the translated cached pages in Google index by using remove URL in webmaster tools and will observe if those things affects my keyword ranking. Then request for reconsideration if nothing happens.

This happened the second time. The first one is when I used ezine articles on my post. Traffic went down but after removing them it went up again.

@Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

I think you are playing badly. Better move yourself on to google groups and seek advise before you take your next step. Its better to get guidance over at google groups than just seeking my help.

@Pavan Kumar
Thanks for the advice. It’s okay now after removing those translated pages. I think the blog itself has something to do with it (e.g. WordPress theme, low PR, niche). My other blogs (PR3) that use global translator does not have any problem, only the one I mentioned. Thanks again for your patience.

Other than the “Adsense unsupported languages” problem I think we also have to deal with the problem of generated content. Since translation is done by machines and not human beings it accounts to generated content which might also affect the search engine ranking !

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