Yahoo! Mail Beta Slows Down !!!

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 25, 2009


This is one of the very rare incidents you can notice. Yahoo Mail Beta loads slow on slow internet connections, but this is entirely different. Here it took a large delay to mark as read for a single message. Just have a look at the shot below, you will notice a status bar displaying 10% of the process to mark a mail as read.

Yahoo mail slow

This was noticed on 24th of February at around 8.45pm IST. The service got really slow and it took some minutes to recover.

Its very nice to notice such rare things. If twitter gets down, it does not make sound, but if Google goes down, it hits Google trends. The confusion of Orkut or Google and Google loading blank pages are also other such rare events.


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7 Readers responded to this post

ha ha!! seems you had a very tough time! I stopped usiong yahoo in 2002 😉 Switched to hotmail and the n now am with gmail!

Only one reason to quit yahoo and hotmail! They dont know how to stop SPAM! and they know how to move genuine emails to SPAM!


I agree there is a spam problem with Yahoo, but I don’t mind to check both inbox and spam folders all the time. You should also go through the article which has instances where domains getting hacked are all associated with gmail only. Yahoo is safe in that way.

Same Here. I was using Yahoo Mail when I was new to the fascinating world of internet, just 4-5 years ago.

But when I got my first invitation of Gmail, I was simply amazed. Gmail is far better than any other email services. Gmail has lots of interesting and useful feature.

Gmail was the first email service to integrate chat service in their mailbox. And because of AJAX technology it works much faster…

I’ve also heard that Yahoo Mail is also using AJAX, then what is the benefit. Still it is slow. Now-a-days I don’t bother about Yahoo & its products. I’m a great fan of Google & I hope Pavan is also a big fan of Google. Am I right Pavan?

@Tech Thunder

Yeah, every internet user is a fan of google… but as far as mail is concerned, Ilove yahoo… very good interface and safer than gmail…

@ Pavan Kumar
May I know how Yahoo mail is safer than google?

Yahoo mail is irritating as it takes 20% of the screen for advertisement. In case of gmail they show text advertisement which is almost unnoticeable. Moreover Gmail has the best spam protection in the world. Yahoo marks many of the personal as spam(I have observed this).

Pavan, I’m looking forward for your reply…

@Tech Thunder

I would like you to read this post… Atleast for high priority purposes, its better to stay away from gmail… May be in future, their spam policies get right :)

Hey thanks, that was quite useful..

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