How To Find Out Software Error Details

Written by Pavan Kumar on November 26, 2008



computer error messageAll the softwares on this earth have got there own errors (Guess, Windows may stand at first position 😉 ), and each error has got its own error code and each such error code has got a definition in the knowledge base of the developer’s website. Sometimes, searching on google may yield you with different results which you are not interested with.

You wish to look for the authorized source of information to know more about the error and most likely to look for the solution. Here is one web service which can help you find the exact match for your query and fetch you the link for the related authorized source of information for your further reference.

windows error codeThe service I am speaking about is – The error search and collaboration engine. Easy to remember the name, if you are BUG-GeD. The service is built for the purpose of helping users find the information they are looking for in a quick way. It has error codes for most of the softwares and will be helpful for you any time. And is  presented to you in a pleasant web  interface.

web interface of

If you have got some error and you find a proper link there, you can vote it to help other guys who come next to you looking for the same solution. Also, they collect your mail id [optional, if you don’t want, don’t give it] and ask you back after 48 hours about the solution you found so that the next person on your boat should have a ready solution. It also has a history so that it remembers all error codes you searched and you can find them later on the session.

The idea behind this web service is wholly awesome. People get help and help other people by voting for the right solutions or sharing solutions with the service.

They also have a firefox addon to help you get help easily.


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The firefox addon is the icing on the cake! Thanks a lot!


Welcome… You will find it useful when you get BUGGeD :)

Nice article, specially the firefox addon will be very handy
Thanx Pavan for sharing!!

good info… lets to install >>> 😀

^^Pavan, this another very Good one from you buddy!! Thanks a lot for it.~Vicky.punne4e

@zeze , @punne4e

Thank you both :)

Cool, that’s great share dude.


Thank you mate :)

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