StumbleUpon – The Most Strange Review

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 2, 2008



These days, my blog is filled with only useful and good stuffs apart from pastimes. Even pastimes are receiving a good response as the last two are little bit controversial. Coming to topic, I had a message on StumbleUpon that someone has reviewed my profile on StumbleUpon. That’s cool! As usual, I thought of adding that person as my friend and thank him for that. But I got confused and returned from his profile without any message or friend request. Want to know why? Just check out the image below. I think his job is to review only stumblers. The whole first page had reviews of stumblers, among them only me to get a positive review :-). Check out the whole page, you will understand why I am writing this post though it is useless.


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9 Readers responded to this post

Hehe,must be a spammer 😛 itz fun to read those reviews..

He he at least he didn’t call you an IDIOT or something Rubbish.

@Rockstar sid@Rohit

Hehe… what else I can say…

he isactually reading stumblers’ reviews and rating them.nice to see you getting that remark :)

and by the way why doesn’t your last three posts appear in feeds.? I thought you didn’t have any fresh post and came here casually to read the comments.i found 4 new posts here..


There is something problem with my server and hence feeds are not up to date… I too am trying to fix it and hope it will be back soon…. Thanks for your concern… and also thanks for visiting…

I guess you gave him some perks.. LOL… Just kidding.. anyways congrats for a +ve response..


I don’t even use any advertising to market my blog… How may I promote my profile on a social site…. Anyways, thank you…

I guess that is just another method of spamming on Stumble. May be she has some pills or pharmacy related site.


It is HE using a picture of a girl… Of course it is spamming, Till now, he has reviewed only stumblers and not anything else. And the image presented above is still the same on his profile. He has not stumbled anything after that…

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