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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 22, 2008



We have already discussed about the web operating system Today, I found few more screenshots of this virtual computing environment which I would like to share with you. This virtual computer is a service which keeps your documents with you always wherever you go. It is a web based operating system which you can access through your browser. You may interested to read more about web os.


You may sign up for service here. virtual computer (vc) home page, web os (webos) and online storage virtual computer - running the global hosted operating system virtual computer - running the global hosted operating system - login page virtual computer - global hosted operating system - desktop virtual computer - running the global hosted operating system - games virtual computer - running global hosted operating system - instant messaging virtual computer - running global hosted operating system - fm radio and file explorer


Impressed? Want to sign up?

[Image credit: Kauamanga]


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4 Readers responded to this post

It’s a useless service.. And stupid enough too..

You can’t choose India as your country.. It assumes itself as British Indian Ocean Territory..

@M G Harish

Nothing should be viewed in only one’s perspective. I agree this kind of great service is not at all useful for people like you who stay in a single place and use just one or two computers in a regular manner. This service targets people who will not be able to access the same computer all the time. BTW, you will get free web space of at least 5GB to backup your things. Always one needs to remember – one man’s food is other’s poison.


Great find. I will use it and see how much memory and time it takes to load the OS on the browser.

quick question how does snapads do. Looks like tag cloud and lot of visitors might think of that click it. how is the CTR ? is it CPC ad?


I use Firefox ultimate optimizer and hence I could not monitor the exact memory requirement, but AFAIAC, it loaded very well on my system. It took less than 1 minute with my slow 256kbps connection. Regarding snap ads, I am not aware of it as they are the ads of my free host hyperwebenable…

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