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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 19, 2008


You all are familiar with personal computers where you run applications, save private data and different documents. It would be a painful job to carry all your data on optical disks or thumb drives if you travel frequently and require all these data to be accessed regularly. The solution to all these problems is a virtual computer.


Virtual computer is just like the normal computer which we use in our day to day life, but this virtual computer is accessible anywhere on this earth where you are using high speed internet providers. These are operating systems which run on a browser based environment. You don’t need to install any scripts or softwares, you can directly access the service on any computer with an internet connection.


It is a global hosted operating system. You can save your personal documents and any other frequently accessed files on your account in such web os.


One such service is provided by g.ho.st, which is totally free and completely secure. It has been installed on our tools page where you can register for your own account and start using it. Here are the advantages you will get with g.ho.st.

  1. Free 5 GB web space and 3 GB e-mail storage space.
  2. Beautiful user friendly interface which is similar to windows and hence you don’t need any tutorials or guidelines, you can start over yourself.
  3. Probably world’s second smallest mail id [you@g.ho.st] which does its work very fine. I have tested, the mail application is also very good and it will definitely move to inbox which is sometimes a failure with our corporate mails. Impressive part is that it provides the storage space of 3GB.
  4. Built in applications like radio which enhances your web experience.
  5. Global access to your secured data any time. Yes Ghost is hosted on Amazon’s s3 web service which is one of the best web hosting companies and hence guarantees about high security of your precious data.
  6. Get more storage by referring your friends. 1 GB per referral on your web space.
  7. Almost all modern day computers are supported. They recommend minimum of 512 MB of RAM, but it worked fine on my 256 MB RAM system without any problems, but was quite slow. Firefox is recommended. And flash player is a must on the user system as the whole web os runs on flash.

So, got to know what it is? Sign up here.


Lets see some of the screenshots of my virtual computer:

Desktop of Virtual Computer:

Virtual machine desktop


Control Panel:

Security control panel


E mail service at g.ho.st:

e mail services


Desktop Appearance Manager:

Desktop Manager


Add a new item to your desktop – Options:

Add new item to desktop


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4 Readers responded to this post

Can I install mp3 player on this virtual host so that I can listen songs ?

BTW wat abt your job buddy ? are u working ?

@Rockstar Sid

You don’t need to install any mp3 player in it. Its already a feature available in that. To listen to songs, you should have songs on your g.ho.st drive, and not on local hard disk.

I am still waiting to join the job. Till that time, I will work for a local software developers cum tutorials group… Thanks for your concern….

I shall definitely give it a try….and will tell you about my experience.. Anyways thnx for the info

@Techno Samrat

Try it for sure, and blog it! Also inform me your experience. You can check for some more screenshots here:


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