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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 3, 2008



Ever thought of the situtation when your motherboard cd is lost? It is very horrible without drivers, particularly for older systems whose drivers are not available on the internet. That’s why you have a great need of backing up all drivers. For that lets use a great software Driver Genius.

Driver genius is a very good, powerful, easy to use driver manager software for windows which can be used to backup your hardware drivers, restore them and also update them.

The speciality of this software is that it can not just take backup of drivers, it can also compress it into a zip archive, auto extracting archive or even the best option according to me is the auto installer archive. The auto installer archive is the type I recommend you the most, as the restoring process is done just within few clicks. Even a computer newbie can restore drivers using auto installer archive. The other type of backups need driver genius to restore all drivers. Even without this software, it is possible, you just need to select driver location choosing option while installing new hardware, which again may be non friendly for a newbie.

The software detects the installed hardware devices and provides option for backing up third party drivers [currently used drivers], windows original drivers, disconnected device drivers. Of these, to backup windows original drivers is a job of no use. And disconnected devices may be your choice depending on the device.

To backup data, I recommend these settings:

  1. Auto installer type.
  2. Backup of non windows drivers in use [currently used drivers].

This is one of the most recommended softwares for all.

Apart from these main features, it also has some outstanding features like searching and updating drivers which may be very useful in case if you have lost the driver cd. It can also be used to uninstall drivers which are of no need.


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11 Readers responded to this post

this is very useful
I needed this 😀
I usually lose my drivers after reinstalling windows

@ Siddharth

Definitely…. I don’t use my motherboard cd anymore, such a back up will work for everything. I need to install drivers in traditional way only when I install a new hardware…

driver genius is an awesome tool specially for laptop….as most of the time there is no mother board cd given for laptops which contains drivers….but as driver genius is not free…it is some thing negative for such cool application.

@ Abhishek

Though few features are absent in trial version, backing up is provided, its quite enough…

I used Drivermax for it. I’ll give it a try.

@ Myo

I have not tried drivermax. Let me try out that…

That’s a great post with a great software. I think I should give it a try.

@ eches

Yep, that’s a great tool… It avoids the use of motherboard cd for the second time.

Pavan I am sorry to say Driver Genius is a trial version where as Double Driver and Driver Max both are free to backup and restore drivers very easily .I tested them both worked fine for me.


Double Driver has created a lot of buzz. I will surely try out next time…

Hey, you site supplies all of the drivers that needed when re-installing my computer! With your help, I was able to get back my computer without difficulty. Wonderful site I have ever seen.

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