How To Use Pen Drives as RAM on Windows XP

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 2, 2008



You all know about using USB flash drive as RAM on Windows Vista. What if the same feature available on Windows XP? That would be a great alternative for most of the xp users who stick on to their old systems and running new softwares is not possible as they are equipped with a low RAM. Here is a nice software tool to use USB flash drives as RAM on Windows XP OS.

Slow windows based computer

Such a useful tool is developed by eBoostr and the trial version is available for free download. There is no expiration limit for trial version, but the catch is that you cannot use the tool for more than 4 hours continuously. If you want to use for more than 4 hours, you need a system restart. It is cool to use for any users who need a faster system without any extra investment.

Use USB flash drive as RAMThe software is very handy in the sense that it is just 1MB to download. It supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 and is available in 36 languages. It requires USB 2.0 drive or memory card for operation and USB 1.1 is not supported as they tend to be very slow.

Download eBoostr

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53 Readers responded to this post

Your site is nice.


Thank you Venkat… I checked yours, even that’s really nice… with cool windows tips…

I tried it but didn’t find it much useful.

@Madhur Kapoor

Oops, sorry man… I never tried it before as I don’t own a thumb drive…

Nice sharing. But,I think it is not that much useful, moreover it is costlier. Even in Vista, from my experience, didn’t see any improvement by using a flash drive as ram – jkwebtalks


I did not understand what you meant by costly… It is actually a free tool… But anyway, these pen drives can never be compared with normal RAM performance…

I tried it with my 8GB thumb drive. But I had seen much improvement in the speeds. I feel my 2GB RAM is enough for my applications. And moreover you cannot expect much speeds with a removable drive. I guess there would be some difference if you use it on a machine with 128/512MB RAM.

@Techno Samrat

You are right. One with a better RAM would not need such tools.

Yeah tried this tool long back. But made no wonders with my system speed. I didn’t notice any remarkable increase in the speed. Not satisfied with it’s performance.

And i have a 512RAM. May be this is useful for a 128mb RAM systems.. lollz 😀

@Indya Labs

I wish the developers come to my blog and see the response here…

Pavan can you plz mail me the Registeration key for eboostr.

Hello pavan,how are you,well this is a type of relief for my types of users those who still uses winxp with 128mb Ram…am i right. Thank you very much for sharing with us.Anyway could you tell me what browser you use,and what operating system and what is the speed of your internet connection.

Have a great week to you and May God bless you.
Your friend-Vicky.punne4e


Oops, you are asking me more and more details… Let me mail them for you. Keep in touch :)

Great share. I got only 256mb. But have never tried this out yet. I’ve seen in the site that is it only a trial one and good only for 4 hours after system boot.

i need the full version. can you share for me?

I have windows XP, but I know I have used my flash drive as RAM before! I dont have any special add-ons relating to that or anything, just my crappy old dinosaur and a flash drive!

Fantastic i love it

a pc with 512 Mbyte RAM go faster

but also a pc of my colleague that the pc uses very strongly (access, datawarehousing, excel, all together) with two Mbyte RAM caching in RAM some megs

put his pc in a new performarce socring


I am using the software for past 3 months..
It’s really nice..

hey can u tel me how to use pendrive as ram dude

nice post frnd.. u can read the method to use USB pendrive as RAM @ windowdows 7 in this blog article

thnak you .its really nice.

I am using the software for past 9 months..

were i get this s\w

where hv u given d method of increasing d ram………u hv jst given abt eboostr.

can u mail me urgently the license key for eboostr

thanks bro this article is realy very useful

This information & the link for the software is really helpfull, i have downloaded the software & installed. even have used it with my 8Gb of pendribe, but i did not come to know that how do i monitor that wather my drive is being used by the system as RAM or not. Can u please help me out in this?

Hi Pavan.
Thank u for more useful info.
BTW can i use my external HDD instead of pen drive?

Please tel me can i use 2 GB pendriveas RAM for the processor P4???????? Rpla fast

i hve 1.1 usb drive..
suggest something for me if possible

Just goto and follow the instructions and you have find yourseft done !

how to use this softwere


The Ebooster software recommended by you was tremendous and now I have a comparatively faster system.Thanks.

Please Sen Me Registration Code On My ID

i want to know how to configure linux server with windows clients i will be really happy if there were
any video tutorials available

Thank you very much for providing this information & free software here ..thank u ALL THE BEST DEAR***********

I have intel celeron processor and 128 mb ram .

Sent on a phone using

thanks a lot for such good advice

this is very useful for myself,becuz my pc is a lower configuration

Can anyone please email me the activation code for this? Thanks so much!

Please Send Me Registration Code On My ID

Dear, sir please give me eboost registration no. or key if u rable


sir , i have a usb of 4 gb … it has only 700mb free … can i use it as ram in my machine ???

my comp. has p-4 and 192 mb ram … in winxp ….. plz reply ……

hi i have only 512 mb pen drive will it work on this size?

I bought a damn craze TV USB adaptor that doesn´t allow recording videos onto removable media or remote media, so I can´t record the video onto pen drive!!! BUT this brain damaged driver full of softbug ALLOW the video to be recorded onto RAMDRIVE ! So I am trying to use a RAMDRIVE with SUBST function who allow whose memory content to be a folder onto the pendrive. CREEP UP hackers, look what we have to do when a badly planned hardware driver is released and SOLD to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey,Pavan can you plz mail me the Registeration key for eboostr.

I used pen drive in office computer but my office administration not permit this. Administrator check all the system with a tracker software which display all used pen drive in system with date, Any software present which delete the record from the system?

how to use this softwere

plz. give ad.

My Pen Drive is Not listed.What should I do?

excellent thank u for ur suggestion

how to use pen drive as ram in xp gold, is there any softwere needed?

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