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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 11, 2008


As I have told in one of my previous posts about my project exhibition trip. Here I am presenting you some rare snaps from Hubballi, where a local English tutorial Atma used a logo which seems to be a modified form of logo of the company for which I have been recruited, MindTree.

The official company logo has a tree in blue color, with yellow leaves on a dark red background and text in blue color below the tree. The pirated one [not the exact piracy, only the similarity I mean] has a similar tree in red color on a yellow to orange gradient background with text in white color below the tree. The institute is found just a few steps from the BVB entrance. Snaps follows…


The Official MindTree logo [above] : Different snaps of Atma [below]





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10 Readers responded to this post

I don’t see ANY similarity between the logos.
1. Background colours don’t match
2. Foreground colours of the so-called stemm-of-a-tree don’t match
3. There are no red-yellw-blue mixtures in that other logo
4. Shape of the stem is different and flipped
5. Stem in the Mindtree logo becomes thinner even before halfway as you go up, unlike the other

But I do appreciate your spirit of dreaming about Mindtree all the time!! 😉

M G Harish’s last blog post..Airtel Customer (Don’t) Care: As useless as ever

Nice observation dude…. Thanks for spending so long time commenting on my blog… I just published that as anyone at first look can say that it is like the MindTree logo… Its a rare thing you can find anywhere…

I captured that as it grabbed my interest at the first sight. I would have done the same thing if there were any similarity with any known logos….

TechPavan’s last blog post..MindTree logo pirated …

I agree partly with Harish. Now the original logo is changed. MindTree is now MindTree limited not MindTree consulting. We are using the new logo from this fiscal year. Visit MindTree’s official site.

Suresh S’s last blog post..Challenging yourself…

nice try…but i think only less similarities between those two logos…

@ Suresh

You’re right, I did not notice that change. Only the text “consulting” has been removed from the logo, but the main tree, leaves, background are same currently…. I don’t think Atma is going to change their logo too…:-)

@ Harsha

I would not have captured that logo if I had a MindTree logo on my cell for comparison. As I told, that logo grabbed me at first sight.

TechPavan’s last blog post..MindTree logo pirated …

This change comes as we have grown beyond just being a consulting firm. So in order to ensure our brand is positined rightly in the market, we went in for a new chnage. As you told DNA will never change. We are heading for a MindTree Version 2.0 Looking forward to meeting you man:)

I don’t think that there is any kind of similarities between the logos,it just might be a co-incidence&nothing to worry about this, isn’t it?????????????????????????????

Such co-incidences are very rare…. who has to worry about that…. they are not pirating mindtree’s work…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Google updates Page Rank

Piracy/plagiiarism can be used when someones concept is used for similar business. It means people /business who are on equal footing. Though thits tutorial insti might have drawn its inspiration from mindtrees’s its noway going to affect the mindtree’s business. Besides their are lot of
differences between them, albeit it looks like mindtree. Either you are a good observer or obsessed with mindtree. For your info, a group of spatic childiren helped mindtree create this visual identity. They were provided with paintbrushes and color to draw something on their own and this logo came out of that. And later mindtree people looked for taletale signs on this to associate their brand identity. Who knows this smalltime tutorial might have had a similar inspirartion like this..

@ Tarun,

Nice comment and info though this is a year old article, thanks :)

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