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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 7, 2008


It was on 28th of last month, I wrote my last post. I have a basket of valid reasons that I could not blog for such a long time. For 3 days from that, my internet connection was dead. Then on 1st and 2nd of April, I was on a trip to Hubballi for project exhibition. Finally on 4th to 6th the rocking college fest made me busy. Here I am going to share my personal experiences with photographs of this memorable part of my life and my apologies that I made you wait.


31st March, Monday:


As I am in final year of engineering, our college management arranged a group photo session. All guys n gals dressed in formals were very enthusiastic to take active part in the event. Here are few snaps of me and my class mates. Though the snaps took by the pro photographer was just two, we have more than 2k photos captured on our cell n cams. Here are few decent ones for sample.





All gathered for photo session [me 4th from right]





Pranks in front of cam





Sweet memories…


1st and 2nd April, 2008:


As I needed some preparation for my project setups, I could sleep for only some two and a half hours and got up at 2.15 am and got ready quickly and with a plan to sleep in the train, rushed to the railway station at 3.00 am. The train scheduled at 3.30 am arrived at 4 am. It was horrible to find a place to push ourselves in, we were 8 guys n 4 gals in no. We got in general compartment and gals in ladies compartment.




My friend sitting on the train door.


The train [Bangalore – Jodhpur express] was so crowded that my friend stood on the doorsteps for half an hour where in the next station, we shifted our [not mine, my friend’s] bulky robotic fire fighter to the ladies compartment. Other friend made his comfortable (?) place on the door. Yes, exactly on the door, check in the snap above. This was my first journey in such a rush train.


Completing a horrible journey, we arrived Hubballi at 7am, had our food in a hotel and reached the BVB College of Engineering and Technology where the technical fest was held. Got registered in counter and then we were informed that the project exhibition is scheduled at 2pm on the 2nd day. We got free and inquired volunteers about surrounding sites for an excursion. Kept all our belongings in the guest house and started our sightseeing. It was Nrupatunga hill and there were nothing other than two temples and full enjoyment. Returned from there in the afternoon, had lunch and a nap of 4 hours [? all were tired and we dint slept well the previous night]. In the evening, rocking cultural events were held, no snaps of that, sorry.


We did not enjoy much in the second day compared with the first. All of us got busy with projects and the exhibition started at 2pm, judges for that were from TCS and local lecturers. Evening events comprised of prize distribution. We were happy that two of our friends bagged prizes and there were cash prizes of 2,500 INR for one and 1,500 INR for the other.


All of us returned with a same opinion that guys at BVB rock at hospitality and gals at beauty. Totally, it was a nice experience which can remain in my memories for a long time.




The winning robotic fire fighter!



Me, explaining my project to the visitors.




Me with friend Guru [The man behind the robot]




Me and Guru for a change


4th, 5th, 6th of April, 2008:


The annual college fest is not at all different than other previous ones, but a most special one for our batch, the final years. We did not want to miss a single bit in that.


The first day was a fun fair. Different stalls were arranged and we all danced like no one is watching. All of us enjoyed a lot like free birds with no bounds.


Total enjoyment this week made me move away from my normal routine and forced to maintain a distance from internet. Anyway, I am back online. If you want to view more photos on any of the above, just visit my orkut album.


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