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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 30, 2011


Security being a primary concern for everyone, it is very much required that we keep all our online accounts safe. Our online accounts may vary from the free email provider to the bank accounts and online payment solutions like Paypal and a carelessness in operating any of these will result in bad times difficult to handle. Password is the doorkeeper to protect all your online transactions.

Passwords, like underwear should be long enough, mysterious and should not be left lying around. To meet all these requirements, a complex, but easy to remember password is required. Let’s meet Passplex who is our friend to generate strong unique passwords which can be remembered, but difficult to be cracked.

Free online password generator

Passplex is a free random password generation tool which can help you generate passwords of varied length, complexity and provides you an option to include numbers and special characters. Unlike other password generators, the catchy factor of this service is the simple interface which enables the quick password generation process. Below are some of the unique factors about this free password generator service.

  • Instant – No need to hit submit, or wait for page refresh.
  • Password ready page – Simply open the page and copy the password – a random password of 8 characters is already on the page when it loads.
  • Simple interface – No need to scroll or search for "submit" or "generate" button.
  • No confusing inputs – Passplex does not ask for too many parameters, a few default parameters are already set, if needed, change inputs, or re-generate a password by clicking password refresh button.
  • Easy passwords too – Want a password for one time use? Just get a damn simple one, as shown in image.
  • Totally secure – You will not provide user name or website where the password will be used, your confidentiality is assured.
  • Complexity indicator – Helps you decide if the password is good enough.
  • Save password – You can mail the generated password or download the same onto your machine with a proper notes.

Passplex as on tech majors: Symantec, MakeUseOf, KillerStartups

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