phpMyAdmin Loads Blank Page/White Page – Solution

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 24, 2009


This may happen sometimes when you move your servers. You try to upload/import your old database file through phpMyAdmin interface and you will end up with white page. This will put you into trouble especially if your old web host has already stopped serving you or if the site has gone weird on your old host. Here is how to tackle such problem to get your site up and working. Note that this white page is not a complete blank page, you will see the phpMyAdmin logo and other usual links in the sidebar.

Let me make it clear that I am not an expert in webmaster skills and this article is targeting users who don’t have much knowledge and skills. If you know SSH, there is no need to bother about such problems as you can easily import any size database without any problems. The white page on phpMyAdmin is mainly (there might be other reasons too) caused due to huge database file size which is beyond the limit (this limit differs on different servers).

As many of the bloggers don’t deal with webmaster stuffs, you are mostly unaware of desktop mysql clients like HeidiSQL. It is a GUI MySQL desktop tool which you can use to connect to your MySQL database on server and perform different administrative operations. You will have to provide details like your mysql database host name / IP Address, user name for login and password and port number to connect. Just providing localhost as your host name won’t work – you need to provide the database details which are accessible with external tools. Few hosts have different internal and external database access logins, and you should use the external one with these tools.

MySQL desktop client session manager

If you find any problems to connect your database with such tools, the only solution with you is to contact your support team 😉


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2 Readers responded to this post

Well Pavan,

Its a nice tool but personally one of the best way to do is with the help of the bigdump script,
I have dumped my 160 mb database with this script. Its a g8 help while migrating a database to a new server.

@ Gaurav

Thanks for your useful tip. I don’t have expertise in webmastery and my database as you might guess is a small one. This tip is definitely useful for anyone reading this article. Thanks again 🙂

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