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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 20, 2009


We the people of today’s generation always look forward for new ways to promote ourselves among our groups. We always want to show them we are way ahead of all others and there are different web tools for that. Other human attitude is humor, we make fun of ourselves and friends by making different cartoons which look similar to their faces. Here are few online fun photo editors which you will find useful either to make fun of a cool friend or to hype yourself 😉

Add Funny photo effects

LoonaPix – Make Funny Pictures and Add Photo Frames Online

LoonaPix - Make Funny Pictures and Add Photo Frames OnlineIf you look into the LoonaPix website, you will see the number of options it provides and the possibilities you can alter your photo either to enhance or add a funny effect. You can add effect to your digital photos to make them unique – they include adding pictures onto a wallposter, currency note etc other actions you can perform on the photos are adding to to a frame or template (like body of a popular person with your face etc) or you can trim your photo to any shape like heart, flower etc. The most interesting feature is to have an animated avatar for your profile which is facilitated by this service. Visit LoonaPix.

BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos

BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photosThey have a number of options. To name a few special ones – Motivator, movie poster, making map, trading card, badges, cube (dice), jigsaw puzzles of your photo, adding special effects and filters, bill board, blog headers with photo and much more. You can also add comic type captions to your photographs. As the name says, they are really big and huge with tools and small games. They also have few tools which relates to your flickr account. Visit BigHugeLabs.

MagMyPic – Fake magazine covers with your photo

MagMyPic - Fake magazine covers with your photoMagMyPic is a popular fake magazine cover creator, you can add your photo to any magazine available with them. Its very simple and easy to use, just browse to your photograph, choose a magazine and place it.

FACEinHOLE – Who do you want to be today?

FACEinHOLE - Who do you want to be today?This is again an easy app which has number of preset templates of people from different professions and type. You just need to place your photograph so as to fit your face into the hole provided in the template body. Check out more at FACEinHOLE.

Dumpr – Photo Fun

Dumpr - Photo funThis funny tool can kill your time easily. It has nothing other than adding funny photo effects. It has number of effects which you can use on your photo for free, there are few premium offers which are really impressive. Check out Dumpr.


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Nice… I have come across many image editors,,, but these are really new for me… Nice collection..

i reelly want to do something in the my web for fun and for knoe

Nice… I have come across many image editors,,, but these are really new for me… Nice collection has a list of over 100 different web sites (thousands of fun effects and templates overall) that allow you to manipulate your digital photos online for free.

very cool! you can also use !

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