Vodafone Zoozoo Emoticons for Orkut

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 27, 2009


By these days most of you are aware of Vodafone Zoozoo ads and one who watches it, start loving it. This is the only commercial which no one want to miss – such kind of creativity is there in it. I agree world’s costliest ad was very creative, but to be frank, it was boring to watch many times. And may of you have seen the hard work in making of Vodafone Zoozoo ads.

Now, its time you will find the real fun on social networking site Orkut. Yes, now you can use Vodafone Zoozoo emoticons on orkut scraps, community messages etc. You don’t need to learn any coding nor special tags for zoozoos. Just a mouse click will add a Zoozoo into your scrap/community message.

Vodafone Zoozoo emoticons for Orkut scraps / community messages

For this, you need to be a Firefox user 🙂 Then, you need a Greasemonkey addon to be installed on your Firefox browser. Once you have Firefox with Greasemonkey, you will have to install this Greasemonkey script for Zoozoo ads emoticons images. Installing won’t require any huge procedure, you will find an install button and clicking on it will install script [if it won’t work, right click on install button > View userscript source – there you will get a notification to install it.] You may need to login, you can use Bugmenot to bypass registration (better install bugmenot firefox addon for fake logins even bugmenot for internet explorer(old versions)) 😛

Once you install, nothing else is left to do. Everything done, just login into orkut and on any scrapbook/community message box, you will find these icons, just a click will add it into your scrap / message. Enjoy Vodafone Zoozoo on Orkut too 🙂 . Thanks to author Anterpreet Singh.

Note: This works for all country domains of orkut.


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if u wanna any msg cntr no. plsss
contact me
my no. is 9781587781

zoozoo smileys are my favorite… planning to make such a greasemonkey script for blogger blogs also.

Can someone explain this ..i can’t understand orkut policies.I have sometime tried posting an image scrap on my orkut scrapbook and they sent it to my spam folder.why a user will spam his or her own scrapbook

@ Sharma,

Its not that someone can spam his scrapbook, its because of orkut sends number of emails to all users and the total emails sent by orkut are in terms of millions which other systems recognize as spam. Don’t bother about notifications sent to mail id into spam folder, the scraps will look normal on your scrapbook.

Enjoy the new zoozoo ad @ http://www.youtube.com/vodafoneipl and get patriotic this Independence day with FREE patriotic callertunes from Vodafone

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