Best TV Commercials: Vodafone Advertisement – Zoozoo Ads of Vodafone

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 2, 2009


If you watch TV regularly, you might have seen this Vodafone advertisement. Vodafone being one of the leading telephone networks, spends a lot on advertising and marketing. Here are funny Zoo zoo advertisements from Vodafone on different alerts and services offered by them.

I hope you will love these Zoozoo adverts which are funny and also they are related with IPL T20, you may make use of them if you are interested. Here is how you can get free IPL alerts on Vodafone.

Here goes the Zoozoo Vodafone advertisement video:



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This was so funny 😀 Which country are they on?


Well, forgot to mention… India

They are really great…

stratosg, they are from India.

The Zoozoos are not animated but they are real women…
chk out this –

You must know that these characters are real human being and not the animated one… 🙂
They are really funny and simply awesome.

Vodafone India has started their official facebook page which has already registered 70,000+ fans. Become a fan and express your feelings towards the lovable creatures.

You also get to watch the new ads before they are aired during the IPL matches

These ads are amazing. Vodafone (like pidilite) was always good at their commercials… The one with cricket commentary, and the character fooling the crocodile were also pretty good.


Just read the entire forward mail about that. Really creative producer.

@Ajith Edassery

They are just awesome… Well I don’t watch TV and so I haven’t seen any pidlite ad, may be some video waiting on Youtube for me 😛

They are really funny 🙂 🙂

hai..this add is amaging…can anyone forward me all these video’s.heads up to mr Praveen,great!!!

the adds r superbbb….no words to say….and can anyone get me the photos of zoozoo plss……

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