Contest Winners: $700 Anniversary Contest

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 28, 2009


It gives me a pleasure to announce that the contest has run to a satisfactory extent. Here I have the list of 10 winners who have made to the top of the list provided by The list was made of top 30 people who have contested. As all feed e-mail subscribers were also included in the post, most of them were the contestants with 5 tickets. The list was sorted based on tickets as first priority and then by alphabetical order when there is a clash in tickets earned and submitted to list randomizer and following below are the 10 lucky winners of the contest.

contest winners

I have mailed each of the winner personally about the steps to be followed to claim the prizes. The prize will be one gold version of Fast Blog Finder software and one campaign upgrade for Fast Directory Submitter. More information here. The prizes are very good softwares and you find the trial versions are also very much useful for building quality links.

Congrats to all winners, and thanks to G Lock Software for their kind support to organize this contest.


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Thanks very much Pavan :-)

I will try to use this tool in the best possible manner 😉


Cant believe that I won! Number 7 has always been a lucky number for me! 😛

Thanks for creating this contest Pavan. Love the prizes! :)

Congrats to all winners!! cheers!!!

Yay i won. congrats to other winners as well


You are the No.1 based on performance and No.7 as given by No problem with that, everyone have same prizes :) Congrats Madhur and Deepak.

Thanks for the contest Pavan. And congrats to all other winners.

Winning this prize is very valuable for me, as it will help boost my blogs exposure, using the software. I will make use of it in the best possible way.
Thanks for the prize Pavan.

Thanks a lot, wonderful end to this wonderful month 😀

Congrats to all the winners. :)

Congrats to All Winners, Pavan Conduct more contests . best Wishes.

Congrats to all who won this an I feel sad that I dnt see my name there

Congrats to all who won the award and I feel sorry for myself that I’m not included in the winning list :(

Just noticed ur mail, feels great to be a winner of such awesome softwares, sorry for being late in reply I was out of town for some days and then missed your mail. thanks again


I got to know you have many new websites / blogs thru twitter. Hope these tools will help you to boost them.

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