How To Convert SWF (Flash) to EXE (application)/SCR (ScreenSaver)

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 27, 2009


Converting file formats from one to other is the most common thing the computer users do when they gain some sort of experience. The file conversion is done for different reasons like protecting their personal data, reducing the disk space occupied, hiding the things which others cannot identify / open and many more. Today we shall deal with conversion of flash (swf) format to application / executable (exe) or screensaver (scr).

swf to exe and swf to scr conversion - swf maestroTo get your swf to exe or swf to scr file conversion, you need to compile scr and exe files with swfmaestro. SWF Maestro is a software which can convert your swf files into an executable application of exe extension or also you can convert your swf file into a screensaver (swf extension). The advantage with this software is that you will be able to generate the exes from swf which also includes blank / transparent backgrounds.

SWF Maestro can also be used to generate "try before buy" applications of your swf projects in case you need to provide your flash project for review. This can help you save your product and also providing a clear insight of your product / project to your clients. This supports all types of swf files and also the included files like audio, video, images, xml and any other file types. The output window is draggable and also resizable which can be of ease and comfort for the user. If you are interested in the software, you can download the trial versions on their homepage.


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5 Readers responded to this post

Nice post, but you did not mention how to use converted screensaver in Windows


Nice point made, it requires another program Inno Setup and with the help of that it will create an installer. It will be like any other normal screensaver which has installer, it installs the screensaver automatically. If you want to remove it, just use add or remove programs and uninstall.

A great app. Specially its screensaver part. Thanks for the share.

Yeah, exe files are helpful for those who have no Flash player installed on their computers.

Thanks for the review. I’m looking for converter right now, so I’ll try swf maestro. For now my favorite is Bytescout swf to screensaver scout. I’ve downloaded its trial and I liked both its intuitive interface and options. For example, it has dual monitor support for screensavers and screensaver preview. Also I like that one program creates both screensavers and exe files. So, I will download and try swf maestro too and choose one of them.

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