Sunday Pastime #30: Moon Day: Moon Day Videos of Neil Armstrong, Apollo Hoax / Conspiracy Theory

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 19, 2009


This Sunday Pastime is little special. Today we shall have a talk on Moon’s Day, though it is Sunday, lets discuss about Moon Day and if you don’t know, the Moon Day of 2009 actually occurs on Monday which is tomorrow. Well, confused? Read on…

What is Moon Day?

It is the day when Moon saw the first human footprints on its surface. Neil Armstrong and his astronaut team for the first time landed on Moon with the Apollo spacecraft. It was the year 1969, and this Monday – July 20th of 2009 is 40 years passed after this historic event. Lets have a little discussion.

Video of first Moon landing.


The story does not end here. Its just the beginning. Later on many discussions went on, many theories were put forward and today, we have many such notable points on Wikipedia. I have watched a fully detailed video of one of the conspiracy theories about this Moon landing hoax, here are few small youtube clips to say its a fake.

Apollo Moon landing hoax / conspiracy theory video:


So, do you think its hoax? Well, here are videos which disprove all the above.

Videos which say Moon landing is not a hoax, but real







If you have tooo much of time, just watch the entire playlist below


So, what’s your opinion?

If you ask me, my vote goes to say its fake for a single, lame reason of my own – 

If we could land on Moon by as early as 1969, by this time with the advancement of technology, we would have polluted the Moon surface by making it a tourist place. By this time, irrespective of the expenses to travel on to Moon, we would have sent at least 10 astronaut teams for study purposes.

What’s your say?


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2 Readers responded to this post

Really took a lot of time to watch all the videos.. But worth it..
Thanks for the nice post.. with the collection of all the videos… Even I guess it might not be true.. If it were real there are many billionaires who would love to go for a trip..

@ Samrat

One person in agreement with me 🙂

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