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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 27, 2008


This is a post which is not at all useful for my visitors, I am posting this just to claim my authority in google for the keyword "Floating Blue Theme". I got to know from stats that someone found my blog from google by keying in this term. When I googled for the same term, I could not make it for first two pages. I don’t know which google server ranks for me on that term. So, I want to discuss a few things on my Floating Blue Theme. I liked this name and used here, and am trying to avoid other designers to and use this name for theirs.

To start with, I started blogging here three months back. I looked for a very nice 3-column theme to start with, but could not find the appropriate one which matches my taste and available for free. So, I compared all and finally thought of using some theme from Jauhari. Few of them were impressive but failed to convince me. Finally after going through a lot others, I decided to use My April Reloaded. The main reason behind my choice was the usage of image header. I wanted to design a dazzling header image, but till now could not find enough time and interest to make that. And I needed to change the default images the soonest, so to match with those default colors of theme, I designed a very ugly, dark header and placed that.

It was few days back, I started to work on. How could I? I did not have any knowledge of php or css, I just knew some basics of html 4 (even after introducing my Floating Blue Theme, I don’t know them).

I tell you how I edited without having those knowledge of those languages.Very first I used theme tester plugin and started my work. I know photoshop quite well as I have worked on that for a long time and have prepared banners for college functions. I took the snap of my blog and used the snap to find out the color of that in hex and searched for the hex code in the stylesheet and changed that as I needed. I used to keep w3schools site in my next tab and used to refer that for every doubt I get.

Being aware of word editors and photo editors, I could easily identify the different fonts, and I replaced those with the ones I needed. I edited different images used and also the header styles and different colors used over all.

Finally my Floating Blue Theme is out. I don’t have any plans to release this theme for your usage (I know, its not so optimistic). Just I wrote this theme to claim it on google, that’s all. I think this is enough to avoid professional designers to make their Floating Blue Theme. Now, I got it, its mine!

Though my work on this can be differentiated, all functions used here are that of original version only. You can download the original theme from the Jauhari’s site.


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5 Readers responded to this post

ha ha lolz
u need not make authority by writing a post
U can just add a name link in the footer 😛

SIddharth’s last blog post..Blog Updates

Dude, such thing could have taken a long time, but now, you see, I rank first for that term….

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Trace anonymous phone numbers with TP2Location

yeah u r correct 😀
I think u can also make this theme public and make it available for download 😛

SIddharth’s last blog post..Windows XP SP3 available for download!

ok, let me think of it later. I will not do that till I find or make a nice theme for me…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Trace anonymous phone numbers with TP2Location


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