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Written by Pavan Kumar on February 28, 2008


Yesterday, this site was down due to some error in coding. Sorry for the inconvenience during that time. The report from internet seer said, site was down for 18 hrs and 20 mins. The error was generated due to some error occurred in coding during install of gocodes plugin. This might be a warning for all Hyperwebenable users to take care and be sure while installing new plugins which require editing of few basic files. I edited .htaccess file as the provided instruction in the readme file. I will experiment on that with my subdomain site and write an article in that regard. Thank you for cooperation during that period of time.


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Hi Pavan,
How did you get back your site then, without losing any previous posting?
I too faced the same problem but the admin of hyperwebenable re-installed the script and I had to built it up again.

@ Rohit,

The problem was due to htaccess file which was corrupted, I asked the support person to debug the error in that, but he deleted the whole file which gained back me the access to my wp-admin, the main page could be loaded by url but other pages reported with 404. When I asked him to replace the file he has deleted , he replied that he could not paste the file again and asked me if I know any reason/solution. I started googling and got to know that .htaccess file controls permalinks. I went to manage tab in wordpress and rearranged my permalink format. Another .htaccess file was generated and my site was up completely.

I too had problem with .htaccess and I asked him to rename it to htaccess.txt but he deleted the whole installation. Also, I’ve made a post regarding your problem with its solution.
You may check it here : http://www.thewebdale.com/2008/03/easily-create-htaccess-files-online.html

Rohit’s last blog post..Easily create .htaccess files online

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