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How to Recover When Mozilla Firefox Crashes Due to Incompatible Addon

Firefox can crash if you force an incompatible addon to run by Firefox addon compatibility hack. Here is the solution to recover such situations by disabling the incompatible addon in simple steps.

Download Free Logo Maker Software to Create Professional Unique Logos

Download the free software to create you unique professional logo. Logo Maker helps you create a beautiful logo for your company / service / blog to give it a unique identity. The paid version of software is now available for free download.

How to Convert OGG, Zune, 3GP, AC3 to MP3? Audio Format Conversion

You come across different audio formats which are distributed on the internet. If you are come across a strange audio format which cannot be played by your player of portable device, here is the procedure to convert the format to MP3.

Firefox 4.0 Screenshots Released

Did you know? Firefox is getting ready behind the screens with its brand new version 4.0. Mozilla wiki has released the screenshots of new Firefox browser and lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of new modifications which can be observed in the screenshots.

How to Hack Firefox Addons to Work on Latest Firefox Versions

If you use firefox and regularly update the browser, you find it a problem when addon developers don’t update addons. If you have addons which have not been updated, here are two hacks which you can try to make them work with your current version of Firefox.

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