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Upgrade Google Apps Accounts to Full Google Account – Admin Steps

Now its time you use your Google Apps account like a normal Google account. Google Apps is upgrading all users to Google Accounts which gives users access to more than 60 applications. Admins of Apps accounts can transition users manually before Google Apps team rolls out the changes officially for their organization. Here are the steps for admins regarding Google Apps transition.

Reduce CSS Stylesheet of Website to Improve Speed

Reducing the CSS file size will contribute a lot to improve the performance of the webpage. Compressing the CSS stylesheet will require few code changes and a few formatting changes. Here is a tool that will help you perform these changes automatically reducing the CSS file size by 10-30% and speed up your website.

Test & Improve Performance of Slow Loading Website to Fast Website

Is your webpage loading slow? Slow websites always turn down the user experience and users tend to move out of the site quicker. Here are the possible tips to help improve your slow website performance and make it fast. A few minor factors we overlook can impact greatly on the performance of the website. Make sure your website is made for the optimal performance for both desktop and mobile applications.

Learn How to Speed Read and Improve Reading Skills Online Free

Want to excel yourself in reading skills? Here is a wonderful free web application which can help you learn to read fast. Learn how to speed read to match unbelievable reading speeds. Keep practicing the speed reading to retain and improve the reading skills. Here is a free online tool along with its bookmarklet to help you with this.

Passplex – Free tool to Generate Secure and Complex Passwords Online

Passplex is a free random password generator tool which can be used to create passwords of varied length and complexity. The simple interface of the tool lets you create numerous passwords in a few mouse clicks. This also has an inbuilt password complexity meter which can help you choose the best password. Optionally you can save / email generated passwords.

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