How to Download RSS Feeds to Read Offline

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 10, 2009


Many times, we don’t have much better work to do when we are not connected to internet. Such situations may occur when there is power cut (at least in my case, no router when power cut) or when you travel outside (if you don’t have a mobile broadband). This is one of the productive idea I use other than reading while there is no internet connection. I download all feeds to my computer and read them when there is a power cut. Here is how I do it.

Use Feed Demon free feed aggregator.

Add all your feeds and categorize them into respective folders for easy access to desired feed. If you already use any other feed aggregators desktop programs or online feed readers, you can export the opml file from them and import here.

Download feeds for offline reading

Once your Feed Demon software is ready with all feeds you read, click File > Prefetch items for offline reading. Once you click that icon, you will be provided with option to download the feeds and after confirmation, it starts downloading all feeds for offline reading.

Also Google Reader provides you the option to download feeds when you have Google Gears installed, but with this way you can download the feeds and you can access it anytime and you don’t require a browser to view feeds and you are free to shutdown the system and read feeds at any time without requiring the internet connection.

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I usually don’t use offline feed readers as I prefer using Google Reader for its clean interface and tag management, so whenever I want to read feeds offline I use Google Gears to download items and read them offline, works pretty nicely for me

I actually enjoy this method. It’s easier to download RSS feeds this way.

this post helps the feed readers to read rss feeds offline

Thanks for sharing this tip..

I also wrote my own tool, that may help some people wanting simple programs (writen in C, requiring simply a POSIX OS): offrss

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