Videos of Total Solar Eclipse – 22 July 2009

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 22, 2009


Hoping that you have not missed today’s amazing photos of solar eclipse, lets move on to the videos of century’s longest total solar eclipse from various regions. You can observe the solar eclipse phenomenon in different locations and shot with different cameras. Thanks to all videographers for their contribution to the public channel.

You might have heard that a flight was being arranged for astro enthusiasts for a complete view of total solar eclipse above from the clouds. We have a clip from IBN Live where an eclipse chaser Rati Chaudhury, she shares here experience about the solar eclipse phenomenon as seen from the flight, the co eclipse chasers and their excitements. You can watch all phases of Sun and Moon in this video including totality and diamond ring.

Note: IBN Live video removed as they launched popup. You can view it here. But its not necessary, the videos below are worth more than that.

Apart from that, we have multiple YouTube clips where you can actually watch different phases of solar eclipse in a complete way.

Shanghai city in China gets totally dark under the Moon’s shadow.


Solar eclipse seen from Varanasi, India – This video though demonstrated in Hindi has a complete coverage of eclipse from a near view.


Solar eclipse view from Ajmer, India


 Partial solar eclipse seen at Manila, Philippines.


Other solar eclipse videos from China:




Live video coverage from Thimphu, Bhutan




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OMG, you have showcased very nice list on solar eclipse.

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@ Aery,

Thanks for the compliment :)

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