Happy 420 Day! Funny 420 Quotes and sms on 4.20

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 20, 2009


Recently Matt cutts published about 404 Day. It was on April 4th, and today is the day of April 20, which you can simply call as 4.20 day. Though this day is something related with health and drugs, 420 is the term which is very commonly known in relation with cheating people(at least in my country). Lets see some 420 jokes, quotes which you can send as sms to all your 420 friends.

420 means cheater

You are 70% beautiful, 75% naughty, 80% sweet, 95% true, 100% lovely. In total if you sum up, you are a 420 😀

You are not a common man! You are equal to 60 James Bonds. Well, want to know how? Multiply 007 with 60.

Well, I could not get more funny 420 sms, but if you have any, you are free to share it here through comments. Anyways, a very happy 420 day for all my readers 😉

Watch how 420 students copy in test / exam.


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Preheat the oven to 420 its time to bake

a friend with weed is a friend indeed!

4 is the month 20 is the day so come on whit me and lets smoke some weed !!!!!

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