How To Detect Invisible Users On Yahoo – Yahoo Invisible Detector

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 16, 2009


There was one time on internet when I used Yahoo Messenger. Those were the days I started using internet and it was really a fun to use messengers and chat with people online – may be friends or not, it was fun. Yahoo messenger was not just time pass, but I used to help people or also get helped in case of need.

Later on, my contact list got lengthy and I found using messenger was pain and disturbing. The next step I did was to login to messenger and keep invisible and chat with only those whom I want. There were few methods by that time which helped me to find out who is online or not. The manual methods took some time and required more number of mouse clicks.

yahoo messengerEver thought of scanning for such hiding friends on yahoo messenger? Here you can do it instantly. You have to use Yahoo Invisible Detector which makes the job easy and fast. Just open the website and key in your friend’s yahoo id whose online presence you want to test. This tool not just detect invisible yahoo users, but also provides clear status of online / offline / invisible with his / her avatar for download. The service works on any version of Yahoo web messenger and hence no one can escape from its reach.


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I use for the same thing, it has other features too 🙂

There is another tool called Buddy Spy.. which I was using a couple of years back..

Nice tip. Stumbled

If u like you can use more web pages like this. yahoo status detector. It is a good yahoo invisible detector

To check if a Gmail user is invisible or offline click here

wow man … it really works well 🙂

gr8 find… i didn’t knew abt such tool before

Hi all, i build my website, where i post usefull information to make your own Yahoo! Invisible Detector. Enjoy!

I found a great tool that works perfect:

but how it works! no one know?

I personally use, and I found it excellent.
Gorgeous interface, fast.

They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

Hey guys u all can check the invisible users on yahoo with this site + u can also download their avtar if u liked dem.

Go here : it’s very good. just try it.

This site lets you track the online/offline and invisible activity of 2 buddies and keeps a history of 7 days, too!

a new design! hi5 information also available it’s the best yahoo invisible scanner. 100% accurate

who is invisible on yahoo ?

Hello, after the last yahoo Update all websites are stopped to work but was updated too, and is working.

I found the website to check invisible,, not only check online, offline, invisible, it can also get the avatar of the victim, add friend, view profile and chat with victim. Try it.

OK work well, thanks so much

To Detect Adress Mail I use Is Realy Cool And Precise 100% try

Check i love this. The response is 100% true. Test it E-invisible

Yahoo Detector Invisible 100% Real 🙂

Check best invisible scanner which is still working correctly it’s the best yahoo invisible scanner. 100% accurate.try it.

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