Siblinks #1: Linking Tech Siblings

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 11, 2008



Introducing Siblinks – the linking extravaganza for tech bloggers. Like Sunday Pastimes, this too will be a regular section on every Saturday. It is a blogosphere wide practice that people link each other when an interesting article is found.

So, why I started this new section at I was shy ! Of course, only getting linked by people and no credits for them made me feel shy about my blog. Also, it would be nice for my readers to know what I am reading and I love to read. So, here I will be sharing few of the best articles around. Hope you all love this. My readers will be benefited with good reads all around, and me getting benefited by networking.

Linking the best of tech blogging

Why the term "siblinks"? You know siblings and also links. Siblinks could then mean linking to my siblings in tech blogging. This is not a dictionary word. I just had a search on Google and found some organization sites with same name. No problem for me, hope I will stand above them in few days :-) .

Who will be linked? My regular readers are most aware that I love “how to” type of articles or tutorials. And I love to link the same. This also includes all type of innovative tricks and ideas presented by bloggers. But if I find anything else which is really useful, I will definitely bring them to light here. Again, only tech stuffs. Barrak Obama wins US Election may hit the front page of digg, but it cannot hit techpavan.

Why am I not linked? The very first reason being, I have not read your article properly – or I find your article is not interesting for me though it is very much useful. For example – you are an expert in Windows Vista and write an ultimate post about some Vista tricks which are never known before. Probably you may get 1000+ diggs and be at the front page of digg. But for me, a non Vista user – your killer post is just another Vista article 😉 . I am extremely sorry for such kinda things.

What if I have a very good post worth for TechPavan readers? You are most welcome to share use my contact form to inform me secretly. If you want to drive some traffic starting from the very next moment, just place your link in comment section.

Lets start with first episode of siblinks:

  1. Prashanth from PC’s Place shares a trick to setup any video as wall paper for your PC. He makes use of VLC player for this purpose.
  2. Rahul from Devil’s Workshop has written a script to insert shortcut url into google sms channel. It helps any gprs / wi-fi user to visit the link if he finds the title interesting. Applicable for RSS feed updates.
  3. Nihar from Nihar’s World shares five different ways to view docx files. This is very useful for MS Office non 2007 version users.
  4. Rohit from Blog Solute teaches blogger users how to get the locked blogger blog back in a very few steps. He has provided an easy-to-follow step by step tutorial.Bookmark this as it would help someone in crisis.
  5. Ajay from Reader’s Zone gives an alert call about recent rouge security products. Even we have a similar article on Antivirus 2009 which hacks google-homepage. Readers are requested to know about them to safeguard their privacy and security.

This is all about the first siblinks. If you have a worth article, please share them in comment section so that it can be useful for our visitors.

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Pavan, Thanks for the link love…


You are welcome… I linked that as it was very good informative and useful.

Thanks for the Link pavan..

I found some new blogs too..


All listed blogs are very good ones… You may better consider subscribing them…

OOPS i’m sad that you did not find any article from my blog..Hmm.. Atleast this gives a motivation to write good posts…. :)
Anyways thank you very much for the links..


Glad that you take up the things in positive way… Keep generating good content, and you will surely be linked…

Good links ,this will develop good relations between the bloggers ,hope you find at least one article in my blog to link to, just joking.keep up good work pavan.


Venkat, hope you hit siblinks in coming sessions…

Hey really thanks for nice article… :-)
And thanks for link too… :-)

@Rahul Bansal

Hey, this is the first time I am seeing you commenting on others’ blog. Good to see you on my blog. Thanks for the comment… 😎

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