How To Write Text u?op ?pisdn

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 26, 2008



You might be grabbed by the title of this post. How might have written that u?op ?pisdn. Yes, such tricks surely grab attention of people online when you are on some forum or social sites. It adds some gravity in some cases.

Different textual characters


flip-it invert the text allignmentWriting inverted text is something you might have hardly seen. But you might be surprised to know that it can be done very easily and instantly. This project is the effort of xptricks which is a tech blog working on tips and tricks of windows xp. It is named flipit which is free to use.

He has also given the iframe code to implement that on different sites. I have used the code below to enable you to try out flipping the text. Feed readers may need to visit the site.



Here are few limitations of that which I hope the author will fix soon.

  1. If you type any capital letters, it will be converted into small letters in the upside down field.
  2. If you use any numbers or ascii characters, they remain the same and will not be modified.

Though with these limitations, it is a good effort. Congrats author.


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I’m afraid it’s not possible to add the capital letters and numbers, let me explain why:

The whole script relies on ASCII characters that look like an upside-down version of the inserted text. For example, u turns into n and d turns into b. More complex characters such as y and e need letters from foreign languages, y turns into the greek ? (lamda) and the upside-down ? is from the cyrillic alphabet.

It’s just luck that all the letters of of the english alphabet have an upside-down match from another language. There are no upside-down versions of all the capital letters and numbers, so that’s why I can’t add them to the code.

Oh, and please use the code the I provided to insert flip!t on your page, but as you have the link back to my site anyway, it’s ok with me as it is.

Thanks for the review!


That’s a great idea… I guessed that when I saw that at first time. I copied the inverted text and pasted on ms word, which showed some change in font than normal times….

This looks nice. Trying it

pavan…as usual u rock…

??s u?? no? s? ?i ?ui?o? ?p????? ?? i ‘pui? ????? ? si s?i? ?o?

@ All

??i??? ?o??n? o? s?ip??? ??? ???n? ???? no? ?u???

LOL this is the most coolest thing I have seen….?o?q ????s u??….

Great discovery. I’m going to use this to fool some of my friends with it.


@ Yan

¿?o? ?nq ??????pi ??iu ¿spu?i?? ?no? ?oo?

hey pavan, ur doing a gr8 job man……… ur a very innovative engg……. kudos to u man…. may u get succees

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