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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 4, 2008



You are most likely to have seen loading icons. It is very common type of icon which can be found on almost all the websites which has some kind of transactions, searching or any other service where processing requires some time. To keep the delay time somewhat attractive [ I always hate to wait on any website, but they want to compensate that! ], they use such icons.

You can get such animation image graphics and application icons like balancer, clock icon, loading icon… in few mouse clicks. This is the cool and quick idea to design icon which represents some activity which is going on in the background of the webpage. All these is possible with the free web2.0 service called Ajaxload.

The importance of this site lies in that you can customize all icons as your wish with your favorite background and foreground colors so that the gif suits your site design. Option is also available to make the background transparent. Even the large bar type icons also can be made. Here is the set of few such icons which I you may like.







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8 Readers responded to this post

Simply awesome.
Thanks for sharing.

That’s truly awesome…. Thank you……..

Good one..

I never know this..

thanks for introducing this site.

I came across this sometimes ago 😉
it is really helpful for people who suck in animation like me 😀

@ All

Let me see how many of you make use of it….

@ Siddharth

Even I too lack in animation, but you rock in designing right? I have seen the beautiful pack of icons you have created.

I hate these waiting icons in windows, but liked the first one :)

@ Abhishek

They are not looking nice here because of resizing. They look good with their original size which you can check out in the featured site. I have reisized all images so as to maintain uniformity in the appearance.

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