Amazing set of Google doodles

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 31, 2008



It is most commonly known that Google changes its logo from default to special logo on several occations. Here is such a set of google doodles which appeared on google since a long time. I got this set in a forward mail and sharing with you all.

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Women’s Day

National Library Day

St. Patrick’s Day

St. George’s Day

Da Vinci’s Birthday

Michelangelo’s Birthday

Einstein’s Birthday

Ray Charles’ Birthday

Dragon’s Day

Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday

Earth Day


Valentine’s Day

Water Day

National Teacher’s Day

125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

Invention of the first laser

Mother’s Day

Design by Jeff Koons

Earth Day

First Day of Spring

Persian New Year

St. Patrick’s Day

Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday

Leap Year

Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year

50th Anniversary of Lego Brick

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

25 Years of TCP/IP


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7 Readers responded to this post

:) I like the Green and Mona lisa one… Too good 😀


@ Sid,

Yet, more are left I think…Thanks for the stumble…

Great collection. Stumbled

Where are the lava lamps? I used to be in sales, and Google used to be one of my customers back in the day when they were just one company, and less than 200 people. In their lobby they always had to strange items. A Piano, and a whole bunch of lava lights.

@ Madhur

Thanks for the stumble

@ Rob

I did not get your words… Did you mean some doodle related with lava lamps? This is not the entire collection, its just a set of few which I could get…

This is good. I had been collecting them myself to show to my friends and all. Cool I had missed them and got from you. Thanks

@ Ashish

Good to see a person having such a hobby…… :-)

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