Hacking: Its now Harvard’s turn

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 19, 2008


Hackers, the intelligent thieves on the internet have hacked the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website. The website is around 125mb in size and has been made available for download as a torrent through The Pirate Bay. The site is currently down now!


The server is administered by Thomas Gatton. The hackers said in their torrent release that the very insecure protection to the website provoked them to hack the site.


The following lines are the release notes provided by the hackers:




{{{     This is the  backup of            }}}
{{{     gsas.harvard.edu. We have release }}}
{{{     it because we want demostration   }}}
{{{     the insecurity  of harvard'server }}}
{{{                                       }}}
{{{     This archive contains 3 files:    }}}
{{{                                       }}}
{{{  %  part of harvard's server: is the  }}}
{{{     backup  of a part of server of    }}}
{{{     gsas.harvard.edu                  }}}
{{{  % joomla.sql: is the database of the }}}
{{{    site                               }}}
{{{  % contacs.sql:is the db of contacts  }}}
{{{  % hgs.sql: other minor things        }}}
{{{                                       }}}
{{{    Maybe you don't like it but this   }}}
{{{    is to demonstrate that persons like}}}
{{{    tgatton(admin of the server) in    }}}
{{{    they don't know how to secure a    }}}
{{{    website.                           }}}

You may visit the cached page of Harvard hacked site here.

via: Torrent Freak


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