How To Track Lost/Stolen Laptop Running Apple Mac OS X

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 17, 2009


There are a lot of applications to help you track stolen laptop running on Windows OS. Also most of them are free which facilitates more security of your notebook. The case is not same if you are an Apple Macbook user, its a tough job to find such applications to help you find your stolen notebook to recover.

Track the stolen laptop for recovery with software & internet

VUWER (pronounced "viewer") is a rare application to enable security of Mac savvy frequent fliers who risk more chances of losing laptop for a theft. This software is free application which runs all the time after user login on Mac based systems to ensure the total security for the Macbook. It can send remote information like captured screenshots, iSight images and IP address of lost laptop at regular fixed intervals.

The command to trigger tracking is given by changing a line of text on webpage or an internet text file which you own the control of. The software monitors that particular online document regularly and once it finds the relevant key to start tracking, it starts its work sending you the most valuable information which can help you get you recover the stolen laptop back legally.

You have to note that this is not a fool proof software for expert professionals, but the newbies can easily be caught while they use your system to access the internet. In most cases, your stolen notebook is sold at a lower price and in most cases, its a newbie who purchase it. Another advantage is that this tool sends the tracking information directly to ‘you’ avoiding the middle man (software vendor) who always try to take advantage of such incidents.

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hi this is a macbook pro 17”inch laptop , running with OS 10.5 and its serial no. is. W88191WWYP3.

contact us at my mail id , if you got any information releted to this.

Is it support only Apple Mac? But all we are using is windows, is there any software to track stolen laptop?

hi macbook pro 13 inch laptop w/ 10.5 pls thnx

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