Sunday Pastime #12: You can do anything

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 13, 2008



Moving away from pastime videos, last week I showed you how would be the life without internet. And this time, I am taking you to a place where you are partly hypnotized. Don’t worry, it won’t affect you in any way nor your mind. But here you can do anything, the unattainable is unknown here, anything is possible but the only limit is yourself here.

Since the beginning till the end you will be welcomed to the site, and you can sit infront of the page for hours without doing anything, but still they say anything is possible. And now, I welcome you to ZOMBOCOM. Initially I got a laughter about this, but I kept the page open for more than half an hour doing my work listening to the audio. Without turning your speakers on, this is useless. And I promise, nothing is there in this which has similarity with this.





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5 Readers responded to this post

erm … 😀
there was nothing much there but I liked the background image 😛
also correct your theme bro
it shows
Invalid project ID. Please re-install code.

@ Siddharth

There are many such pages online which will not have anything, but still we like them and visit quite often. Probably you know about If not visit once and tell me what you like there…

@ Siddharth

Well, I was scanning throughout the theme files to find out which part is causing that Invalid Project id… But, now, I got to know, its because of the official statcounter plugin which I installed very long back and forgot. Thanks for pointing that.

Yeah. True, MillionDollarHomepage has not got any valuable information for the visitors. Its very irritating to see the home page. But still, the creator is making hell lot of money out of it.

BTW, Pavan, today only I came to know about your blog. Good one. Keep it up.

@ Pras

Milliondollarhomepage was built by a 21 yr old student who intended this page to compensate his education fees. His is a new idea and internet welcomed it with a good number of sponsors. I think that is the only page with so many links, no content and still having PR4…

Thanks for the compliment! :-)

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