Microsoft Caught Doing Piracy in Windows XP Audio Files

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 24, 2009


I was shocked while stumbling today when I came to know Microsoft has made use of pirated Sound Forge 4.5 for preparing audio files on Windows XP – the bestseller OS from Microsoft. On testing for genuinity of the information, I found that they have used the pirated copy. We all know how much they are against piracy and this shows how trust worthy they are. If such a billion dollar company is not ready to pay for a small software, why do they expect people to buy their softwares?

Microsoft piracy in Windows XP audio

Coming on to the matter of pirated software proof, here it goes. Deepz0ne is the name (like ZeroCool 😉 ) of person who is a very famous cracker and the establisher of Random cracking group. He was the first to release the crack of Sound Forge 4.5 for pirated illegal use. Microsoft has used that cracked version of the software for making audio files of Windows XP. If you want to know how to test it, follow the following procedure.

1. Open C:WindowsHelpToursWindowsMediaPlayerAudioWAV. Here you will find many audio files of .wav format.

2. Open any one of these wav files in Notepad (Yes, Notepad).

3. Scroll to the bottom and you will see this text 2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT Sound Forge 4.5. There might be some change with date, but rest will be same.

This text 2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT Sound Forge 4.5 is added for those Sound Forge 4.5 which are cracked by Deepz0ne.

Here is a screenshot of what I found when I tested it on my Windows XP system.

Image showing proof of Microsoft piracy of Sound Forge software from Deepz0ne

I also tried to find anything related on Vista, but failed to find any wav files at all. WMA audio files could not be read that way. Anyway, Microsoft Caught now, and this is how Microsoft monopoly is established.

Source: Urban Dictionary


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Phew!! This is too much. I guess they must have outsourced to some third party vendor. Still, Microsoft must be held responsible.

This is something a Russian friend of mine told me about 3 years ago. It has been a random discovery and it’s pretty funny and disappointing if you come to think about it… I guess now they should be sewed on a multimillion dollar loss 😛 That’s what MS would have done for sure…


Stumbled 🙂

@ Deepak

Thanks for the stumble…. hope it gets me good traffic… 🙂

@ Raju @ Stratos

Thanks for comments. Raju might be right, but head of the family is responsible for mistakes committed by kids.

I hate Microsoft :@ They are worst business makers.

Clever guy made up de day for the microsoft people…Hats off to him..!But microsoft not so clever did not hide what they did..LOLZ

Till now normal people were doing piracy but now Microsoft also started… Your post got 2 stars on stumble, you will get good traffic through this post.

Pretty disgusting how these crackers embed breadcrumbs so that others can be caught out for using it. Poacher turned gamekeeper I feel.

Makes me wonder if Microsoft hired an outside company to make those recordings. Seems more likely as tools can easily be obtained at Microsoft by talking to the product manager, certainly they have the money.

“Pretty disgusting how these crackers embed breadcrumbs so that others can be caught out for using it. Poacher turned gamekeeper I feel.”

…dont be such a v4gina – crackers didnt leave breadcumbs! – the software leaves the registration info for *anyone* that registers the program embeded in the .wave file.



Pretty sure Microsoft hired a smaller firm to do all the audio

Wow this is old news. Can’t believe this was “discovered” 5 weeks ago.

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