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Written by Pavan Kumar on May 6, 2009


Are you a computer user? Then, you are most likely to have searched at least once for computer repair manual or computer service manual. Everyone among us are users.  Whatever may be the product, but we all use one or the other product and hence all of us are users. Every product has a set of instructions to operate and somewhere in the operation we will be struck for something. In these times, a manual would come for help and if we don’t have the manual, life gets tough at the moment.

A service / repair manual / Handbook

The Manuals is a free Google Custom Search based search engine which indexes different websites related with manuals. You can find a lot number of manuals which are found in different websites based on your interests. The advantage of such custom search engines is that they will index only related sites and hence non related search results are omitted and you will can search free pdf manuals which may include service manual, user manual or even repair manual whichever you are interested in.

You can find different manuals with this search engine and the website claims to be indexing 5, 770, 000 free manuals at the time of writing this article. You can search for any kind of manual which may be of need. You can enter any keyword to search like computers manual, laptop manual, hp service manual, compaq computer manual, toshiba laptop manual, repair manual for TVs, car service manual, bike repair manual, mobile operation handbook etc and by deep searching you will be able to find manuals in pdf form for free download.


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The repair manuals that are supposed to be on your site, Where the heck are they? I don’t see anything useful here. I am looking for a repair manual for a sony PCV-V200G that tells how to open it up and change the RAM. The stupid manuals on their website don’t tell you, they just say you can’t do it. (Which we know is crap, of course you can open it up and change the ram!) If you can find me a “technical level” repair manual, I’ll be very greatful!

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