Ensure Internet Security with Website Filtering

Written by Pavan Kumar on December 27, 2008


Website filtering plays an important role while you are an active internet user. If you start googling, it will never have an end and at some time you may land on a page which is not safe in terms of internet security. Few sites may leave spywares into your system and few else annoying adwares. All such badwares may be left for different intentions, few may annoy you with bad publicity of products and few may silently run on your system to collect your personal details.

web of trustIt becomes wise to avoid such infections rather than cleaning PC after infection. It is always recommended to keep updated antivirus, antispyware and firewall running. Here is one firefox addon Web of trust to check your browser security. This add on will check if the site you are visiting is safe or not and warns you before you visit. This also has an added feature that it displays a warning icon next to the search engine results.

Search engine results warning of bad sites

You will also be able to setup the protection level of the add on on your system and also you can put some websites in your whitelist which you trust and the add on identifies as restricted for safety.

warning rating on visit of an unsafe website

The specialness of this addon lies in the depth of customization of settings. You can set to rate and warn websites based on vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. Also you can setup for its behavior with search engines and on which search engines it should show the ratings. It would be better to have such an assistant for online security.


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Nice one! I guess even McAfee (Site advisor) have a firefox add-on for the same


Yeah, McAfee Site Advisor has an addon…

@pavan this Firefox add-on is very useful ,I even noticed Google is taking so much care when displaying web sites in search results if it found fake site ,it displays this site can harm your computer message.


Yeah, even Blogger deletes few blogs which are supposed to spread malwares with malicious scripts…

Pavan that is a really nice post. I use the Firefox plugin that comes along with AVG Internet security and it gets the job done.

AVG also does the same thing for filtering websites even in the free version. It’s very important to have this with today’s internet.

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