Google Introduces Result Details / S-M-L Feature In Search Results

Written by Pavan Kumar on October 7, 2008



UPDATE at 2.58pm IST: It seems Google is still testing this feature. The Result Details / S,M or L buttons are not present right at this moment. Thanks to Shitu for the update.

This is a short note about the difference I noticed today with the google search engine. Currently it is available only for Indian search engine and not for It is a feature which can fasten your search by lessening the details the results page provides. At the same time, you may also search for more details by choosing an option which can display a part of the indexed page.

The results page is now added with small buttons indicating S, M and L. No more information available on them, so I guess it be S-small / shortened, M-medium / moderate, L-Large / lengthy, which I decided by looking at the behavior of results page.

A click on "S" will refresh the page with only page title and url in the results page. The maximum results you may expect per page is 15 – speeds up your search process sometimes.

Similarly "M" is the normal feature which we used till today, it displays the page meta description or some short part of the page based on the query and availability of meta description. Here the number of results per page is 10

And the final one "L" – it fetches some initial textual part of the page from the google cache and displays it on the results page. The maximum results per page reduces to 6. This would be useful if you are looking for something in deep of the content. This is useful if you are looking for some descriptive articles. You may also find out definitions of some terms easily in this mode without visiting the page.

Note: S-M-L have no effect on image, video or sitelink results. Also notice in the image, no stumble information on S or L pages, it works only for M pages.

Here are all the screenshots.

 google new sml feature screenshot


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8 Readers responded to this post

I can’t see any S,M or L.
may be you have installed some addon!!


Thanks for the information, FYI, there are no such addons which add such buttons on my browser. When I wrote that post, google did show such buttons, and now they are absent. Probably they are testing that feature.

That is a really interesting find, any guesses Google Labs india must be playing something :)


Check out this you can make out that it is not a game with only Google India, people noticed it on different data centers. It is already occurring all over since quite long time… But today it occurred in India.

Hi, Pavan its Interesting, But I can’t find the SML.

@Anish K.S

Hi Anish, welcome here. The same thing is discussed in all comment section. It was available when I wrote the post. Google is testing that feature since some days. It was good that I took screenshots of that to show you people. I guess that feature be available soon. It is really a wonderful feature to have as this can save our time the most. May be some other DC be having that available now.

@Pavan Kumar

Hi, Pavan thanks for the reply, I Have bookmarked this Site.


@Anish K.S

Thanks for the bookmark…

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