Sunday Pastime #3: Ghosts do exist

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 13, 2008


This short duration video (45 sec.) is very popular on YouTube with more than 153k+ views and 120+ ratings. Its not at all scary, but not recommended for heart patients. This is a video caught when few scientists were on a certain experiment in a sealed chamber. Throughout the video you can see only a closed chamber scanned continuously. You need to concentrate more to see the ghost. If you watch it carefully, you can make out the steps and also footprints of the ghost. Concentration is more important to watch this video. It is said that only nine out of ten people can observe the ghost at the very first view. Check your concentration level by viewing this video. Comment me with your experience.


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4 Readers responded to this post

Nothing new in this, there are lots of ppts and videos similar to this, but for people not knowing this could be scary.

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I know “nothing new in this”…. and I know, you are writing this comment with you heart beating at a higher rate. One more thing, whatever you have read regarding the video above are totally my idea, nothing true there, just wrote all those to grab the attention of viewer. You might have watched such ones many times, but every time, you will get shocked, same case with me too… and all. Thanks commenting….

TechPavan’s last blog post..Sunday Pastime #3: Ghosts do exist

You got it wrong, my heart never beats at a higher rate for such videos.

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Anyways Nirmal, it shows you are saturated with watching such videos… I think you are bored at them….

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